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System resources in Space

From the System resources screen you can view the denylist status.

To access the System resources screen, go to System > System resources.

'System resources' screen'System resources' screen

The System resources screen shows the following information:

  • Free codes

This represents the number of denylist codes that are still available for keys. A denylist code is used each time a key is cancelled.

  • Denylisted codes

This represents the number of keys that have been sent to the denylist to date.

  • Occupied codes

This represents the number of keys that have been configured to be sent to the denylist when deleted or cancelled.

A maximum of 65,535 keys can be cancelled through the denylist. See Denylists for more information about denylists.

Denylist recovery

If the denylist is full, you can perform a denylist recovery. You must consult your SALTO technical support team for more information about this process.

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