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Check-out for hotel guests and groups in Space

Guest check out

All guests should be checked out when they complete their stay and depart the hotel.

To check out a guest, do the following:

  1. Select Hotel > Check-out. The Hotel check-out dialog box is displayed.

'Hotel check-out' dialog box'Hotel check-out' dialog box

  1. Type the room from which the guest is checking out. You can also press F2 to display the Select rooms dialog box and select a room from the list.

  2. Click OK. A pop-up is displayed informing you that the check-out was completed.

  3. Click OK again. The guest is now checked out.

When you check out a guest, the check-in list is updated. However, this does not invalidate the key. The key remains valid until it reaches its expiration date or a new check-in is performed. When the new guest uses their key to access the room, this invalidates the previous key.

Group check out

A group check-out is generally performed by the front-desk operator. Groups must be checked out after departure to make the rooms available in the system and delete the group.

Check-out process

To check out a group, do the following:

  1. Select Hotel > Check-in groups. A list of check-in groups is displayed.

'Check-in groups' screen'Check-in groups' screen

  1. Select the group that you want to check out.

  2. Click Check-out. A pop-up is displayed asking you to confirm that you want to check out the selected group.

Check-out group 'Confirmation' pop-upCheck-out group 'Confirmation' pop-up

  1. Click Check-out. The group is now checked out.

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