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Introduction to system options in Space

About system options

This section describes the system configuration options that control the advanced features of SALTO Space. For example, calendars, daylight saving time (DST), multiple time zones, operators, operator groups, as well as networkdevices such as encoders, controllers and gateways can be configured in Space.

System process

System configuration tasks are generally managed by an operator with admin rights (admin operator). This section assumes you are an admin operator or an operator with the corresponding permissions to perform the steps below.

The following is an example of best practices to follow when configuring the advanced options of the Space system:

  1. System auditor: You see events that are taking place in the system at a glance and you create reports of them. For example, which operator created a key and when, or other events like database upgrades or communication with the SALTO database.

  2. Operators created and configured: You create operator profiles and configure the operator options.

  3. Operators associated: You associate operator groups with the specified operators.

  4. Operator groups created and configured: You create operator groups and configure the operator group options.

  5. Operator groups associated: You associate operators with the specified operator groups.

  6. Partitions created: You create partitions and add items to partitions.

  7. Partitions associated: You associate operator groups with the specified partitions.

  8. PPD: You manage the device that transfers data between the operator's PC and the offline locks to perform tasks such as lock initialization and emergency openings.

  9. SALTO network devices added and configured:

a) You add encoders, RF gateways, RF nodes, CU42E0 gateways, and CU4200 nodes to the system.

b) You configure online connection types. These are as follows:

  • Online IP (CU5000)
  • Online IP (CU42E0)
  • Online RF (SALTO)
  • Online RF (BAS integration)

See Adding devices and Online connection types for more information about these tasks.

  1. Calendars created and configured: You create calendars and configure the calendar options.

  2. Multiple time zones added and configured: You add additional time zones to the system and configure the time zone options if required. You configure the daylight saving time (DST) options for the default system time zone. Note that you must enable the multiple time zones functionality from System > General options. See Time zones for more information.

  3. General options: You configure all the general options in the system. Some of these options will enable features in Space.

  4. SAM & Issuing options: You configure the system to use third-party keys.

  5. PMS authorizations: You configure the Property Management System (PMS).

  6. System resources: You manage the denylist status and recovery.

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