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Operators in Space


There are two types of operators in SALTO Space: admin operators and non-admin or standard operators. The admin operator has full access to all of the menus and functionality within Space. Meanwhile, standard operators that you can create, can have their access restricted to a subset of menus and functionality, depending on the permissions you set for their operator group.

The admin operator, as well as the Administrator operator group, is created on the system by default during installation.

While there are no limitations on the number of operators that can be added, the fewer admin operators you create, the more secure the Space system and your installation will be.

See Operator settings, Admin interface and Operator groups for more information.

Operators, as referred to throughout this user guide, are managers of the Space application. For example, access and security managers, hotel front-desk staff, or IT system administrators.

Adding operators

To add a new operator, do the following:

  1. Select System > Operators. The Operators screen is displayed.

'Operators' screen'Operators' screen

  1. Click Add. The Operator information screen is displayed.

'Operator' information screen'Operator' information screen

  1. Type the full name of the new operator in the Name field. A maximum of 56 characters can be entered. The name is not case sensitive.

  2. Type the name the operator will use to access Space in the Username field. A maximum of 64 characters can be entered. The username is not case sensitive.

  3. Select the appropriate operator group from the Operator group drop-down list. See Operator groups for more information.

  4. Select the display language for the operator in the Language drop-down list.

  5. Type a password for the new operator in the Authentication configuration panel. The password is case sensitive. Operators can change their passwords after you've created one for them once they log in for the first time. See Managing passwords for more information. You can also add additional security for operators by enabling the Two-factor authentication (2FA) feature.

  6. Confirm the password.

  7. Click Save.

If required, you can activate additional fields on the Operator information screen, such as the Ext ID field. The Ext ID field displays a unique identifier for the operator, automatically generated by the system. You can amend this identifier if required. To enable it, go to System > General options and enable the SHOW_EXT_ID parameter. See Advanced tab for more information.

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