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Non-configurable keys in Space


Non-configurable keys refer to the following technologies:

  • Ultralight C
  • ICode
  • Tag it
  • Flex space
  • BLE, which must be active when using JustIN Mobile iOS keys
  • HCE, which must be active when using JustIN Mobile Android keys (NFC)

These technologies are commonly used in hotels and ski resorts, such as Flex space.

They do not need a SAM card to be issued and they auto-issue through the user assigning process. See Assigning keys, Automatic key assignment or Guest check-in for more information.

Note that the key issuing functionality is license-dependent. See Registering and licensing Space for more information or contact your Salto representative.

To use any of these key types in your installation, select the ones you want to use so that they display under the Active keys panel.

Non-configurable keysSelect the corresponding technologies so that they are shown under the 'Active keys' panel

Consult with your Salto technical support team for more detailed information on any of these options.

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