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Configuring Legic settings in Space Deprecated


Legic cards are no longer sold by Salto although some older Space installations still use them.

You can configure the settings for Legic technology from the SAM and issuing data tab.

This process involves:

  • Entering the SAM card data using the Read SAM card button. Note that this step adds the SAM keys to Space.
  • Entering the data for issuing Legic keys using the Issuing data tabs.

It is assumed that operators who configure Legic settings are familiar with the technologies and associated terms mentioned in this section.

Note that the key issuing functionality is license-dependent. See Registering and licensing Space for more information or contact your Salto representative.

Configuring Legic settings

  1. Select System > SAM & Issuing options.

  2. Select Legic Prime or Legic Advant as required in Active keys.

'Legic Prime' panel'Legic Prime' panel

You should only activate the technology you are going to use in your installation.

  1. Click Read SAM card if required. A pop-up is displayed asking you to place the key on the encoder. This copies the key data on the SAM card to Space and the encoder.

  2. Place the appropriate SAM card on the encoder when the LED light begins to flash. Once the SAM card is read, the keys are saved in the system database. They have to be transferred to:

  • The encoder by clicking the Supported keys button (see below).
  • The access points by initializing them using a PPD or via online.

By clicking Supported keys on the Encoder settings panel in the Settings screen, the keys are transferred to the encoder. The Supported keys dialog box displays showing the encoder's active reading technologies.

'Supported keys' button'Supported keys' button

  1. If you select Legic Prime, in the SAM & issuing data tab, type a stamp in field 1, under the SAM Data section. The stamp is a 24-digit hexadecimal code and allows the Salto software to read the Legic segment data. Salto readers can support up to three different stamps at once for Legic Prime and Legic Advant keys respectively.

  2. Select the appropriate number in the Initial segment option for the stamp. This defines the first segment from which the key data is read. There are 127 numbered segments and the default option is 0. If you do not know the initial segment, it is recommended not to change the default value. The Salto readers will not access the correct key data if you enter an incorrect value for this segment.

  3. Type a stamp in field 2 if required, and select the appropriate number in the Initial segment option for that stamp.

  4. Select the Use original Salto Prime Stamp checkbox if required. If you select this option, you must select the appropriate number in the Initial segment option for the stamp. Any Legic key supplied by Salto can be used with this option.

  5. Repeat the process for required stamps in the Legic Advant panel. Select the appropriate option in the Active keys panel.

'Legic Advant' panel'Legic Advant' panel

This defines the key types that can be used with the Salto locks, encoders, and readers. You should not select key types that are not used in your installation as this can slow the speed of the Salto readers. If you disable a key type, the Salto readers will not recognize it, even if they are compatible with the key type. You must use a PPD to update the Salto locks with these changes. See Updating locks for more information.

  1. Click Save. The SAM and issuing options screen is updated.

Once the stamps are inserted as explained above, if Legic Advant cards are to be issued, the size of application to be created must be defined on the Issuing Data section. This depends on the memory size of the cards to be used:

Issuing data - Legic AdvantIssuing data - Legic Advant

Bear in mind that Legic Advant cards cannot be issued with a standard Salto encoder. They must be used with the Wall Reader Design Legic (WRDG), connected to an online CU42E0 unit, and as part of the key auto-assignment process. An automatic key assignment to the corresponding user must be done when carrying out an auto-issuing process. Please check out the auto-assignment process in the Automatic key assignment section.

To be able to issue Legic cards, confirm the following minimum versions:

  • Space software minimum version 5.1.
  • WRDG minimum firmware version 01.02 (firmware file 0157).

Once confirmed, follow the steps below to SAM the WRDG:

  1. Press the CLR while the TAMPER loop is out of its position. A 30 seconds time window will be opened to carry out the next steps.

  2. Place the Legic SAM card on the WRDG. This will allow the wall reader to read and write information on the Legic Advant cards.

  3. Place the Legic XAM card on the wall reader. This will allow the wall reader issue the necessary segments on the Legic Advant card.

Once the WRDG is SAMed, a non-assigned user card could be presented to the WRDG. The WRDG will blink blue during the auto-assignment process, showing afterwards green (access granted) or red (access rejected) signals, depending on the assigned user accesses.

Keeping the card on the wall reader until the process is over is crucial for a correct card auto-issuing and auto-assignment. The whole process can take around 10 seconds.

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