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Introduction to SALTO Network options in Space


The SALTO Network includes online hardware devices like encoders, gateways, radio frequency (RF) nodes, CU4200 nodes, online doors, and CUs, which are added and managed in Space. This section gives an overview of the SALTO Network functionality.

The RF and CU4200 functionalities are license-dependent. See Registering and licensing Space for more information.

SALTO Network screen

View the list of SALTO Network devices by selecting System > SALTO Network.

'SALTO Network' screen'SALTO Network' screen

The SALTO Network screen displays a list of all network items that have been added and are currently connected to the system, as well as the Unreachable items tab, where you can view and configure all items that require additional connection information.

The following table describes the buttons used on the SALTO Network main screen.

ActualizarAllows you to update the selected access point.
Show firmwareAllows you to show the firmware of the selected access point and update it.
Status monitoringAllows to display the online status of the different network devices.
PrintPrints the report of the SALTO Network devices list.
RefreshAllows you to refresh the window to get the latest device statuses.
DeleteAllows you to delete the selected device.
AddAllows you to add a new online device.

Only applicable to RFnet and not to BLUEnet:

You can view the enabled channels for RF signals in the tab Device within System > General options. There are 16 channels available and all of these are enabled by default. The frequency range of each channel is also displayed. You can disable a channel if required by clearing the checkbox for the channel and clicking Save.

RF mode 2 technology is compatible with Space. However, RF mode 1 technology is not. If your installation uses RF mode 1, an upgrade to Space is not possible, which means that you must continue to use HAMS or ProAccess RW.

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