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Devices tab in Space General options


You can specify the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port range and the encoder to be used for the Space service by using the Devices tab. The Space service uses this UDP port to communicate with the system peripheral devices. See Checking SALTO Space configuration for more information. The dongle encoder is used to encrypt key data when, for example, sites use third-party encoders, like in JustIN, the data sent over the air (OTA) to mobile phones has to be encrypted. To do this you need to use an Ethernet encoder as a Dongle. See Assigning a JustIN Mobile key for more information.

Select System > General options > Devices to view the tab.

Screenshot showing some of the options available in the 'Devices' tabScreenshot showing some of the options available in the 'Devices' tab

Devices tab items

Enable IP addressing of control units by PPDControls whether PPDs assign the IP address you have entered on the system to online IP (CU5000) doors during initialization. This is useful for online IP (CU5000) doors that are on different networks. See Initializing locks and Online IP (CU5000) for more information.
Set subnet mask and gateway IP on control units by PPDActivates a subnet mask and a gateway for IP addresses for online IP (CU5000) doors in order to improve router efficiency. When you select this checkbox, a Subnet mask field and a Gateway IP address field are displayed on the Access point: Online IP (CU5000) information screen in Space. Note that you must select System > SALTO Network and click on the required online IP (CU5000) door on the SALTO Network screen to view the information screen. To use this option, your CU 5000 board firmware must be version 02.01 or higher, and your Ethernet board firmware must be version 01.40 or higher.
Do not send data to CUADAP if card rejectedControls whether track data is transferred to the Control Unit Adaptor (CUADAP) when user cards are rejected.
Data duration in PPD (days)Defines the number of days for which access data downloaded to a PPD is stored in the PPD's memory. The data is no longer displayed in the PPD's menu after the specified expiry date. The default value is one day but you can change this if required.
Enable emergency openingSets emergency opening as a default option in Space. When you select this checkbox, the Allow emergency opening checkbox on the PPD information screen in Space is greyed out, and you can make emergency openings each time you download data for specified access points to the PPD. See Making emergency door openings for more information. It is important to be careful when using this option, as a security risk could arise if an unauthorized person comes into possession of the PPD.
PasswordAllows you to enter a password for making emergency openings with a PPD. The specified password must be entered in the PPD before you can make emergency openings. If you enter a password in this field, the Password field on the PPD information screen in Space is greyed out, and you cannot use it to change the PPD password or enter a password. Otherwise, you can edit the Password field in Space. See Making emergency door openings for more information.
Collect audit trail automatically when updating locksControls whether PPDs automatically collect audit trail data when they are used to update locks.

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