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Introduction to cardholders in Space

About cardholders

A cardholder is a person who accesses a Space installation by using any type of key. Keys in Space can refer to different types of keys such as physical keys (keycards, fobs or wristbands), or digital keys like the JustIN Mobile app. A cardholder can be a user (a member of staff, for example), a visitor, or a guest.

This section describes how to create users and the management options associated with cardholders. See Hotels for information about hotel guests. See Visitors for information about visitors and Hotels for information about hotel guests.

The information contained in this section only applies to non-hotel sites. Note that guests are treated differently from other types of cardholders. See Hotels for information about hotel guests who also use keys.

Keycards are generally referred to as keys, both in this user guide and in the system itself.

About Cardholder configuration

Although you create and manage users in the Cardholders section in the main menu, certain cardholder configuration tasks must be made in the System > General options > Users tab. These configuration tasks include the following:

  • Enable and amend options for users and user keys
  • Delete users permanently
  • Configure user IDs
  • Enable and configure tracks for user keys

See Users tab for more information.

Completing the Cardholders process

Cardholders are generally created and managed by an operator with admin rights (admin operator). This section assumes you are an admin operator or an operator with the corresponding permissions to perform the steps below.

The following process is an example of best practices to follow when creating and managing users. Note that most of these are also applicable to the other types of cardholders.

  1. Users created and configured

You create user profiles and configure the user options.

  1. Users associated

You associate access points, user access levels, zones, outputs, and locations/functions with the specified users.

  1. User access levels created and configured

You create user access levels and configure the user access level options.

  1. User access levels associated

You associate access points, zones, users, and outputs with the specified user access level.

  1. Limited occupancy groups created and configured

You create limited occupancy groups and configure the limited occupancy groups options.

  1. Limited occupancy groups associated

You associate users and limited occupancy areas with the specified limited occupancy groups.

  1. Cardholder timetables created and configured

You create cardholder timetables and configure the timetable options.

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