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Visitors tab in Space General options


You can activate or amend options for visitors by using the Visitors tab.

Select System > General options > Visitors to view the tab.

'Visitors' tab'Visitors' tab

See the Visitors section within Cardholders for more information on this feature.

Visitors tab panels items

Default parameters for visitors

Default check-out time fieldDefines the default check-out time for visitors on the date their access expires. This value is displayed in the Date of expiry field on the Visitor check-in screen in Space, but you can change the value for individual visitors if required.
Save additional data on drop-down listAllows you to add an extra data field for visitors and defines which track is used for writing the data on visitor keys. The default option is None. When you select a track, an Additional data field is displayed on the Visitor check-in screen in Space.
Size fieldDefines the character size for the selected track in the Save additional data on drop-down list.
Maximum number of days fieldDefines the maximum number of days for which a visitor can be granted access. The default value is 30 days but you can amend this if required. When you check in a visitor, the date of expiry for the visitor cannot exceed the specified value.

General purpose fields

Enable field checkboxesAllow you to add up to five general purpose fields for visitors. When you select the checkbox for each field, it is displayed on the Visitor information screen. You can name the general purpose fields in accordance with the information you want to capture by typing a name in the field underneath each checkbox.

Expired visits

Visits expired X days ago will be removed automatically fieldDefines the number of days after which expired visitor keys are automatically deleted by the system. This option only applies if expired visitors have not been deleted manually in Space. See Deleting expired visitors for more information.

JustIN Mobile app settings

Default notification message field for mobile visitor keysAllows you to enter a default notification message for mobile visitor keys. Visitors receive this message when mobile keys are sent to their phones. See Visitor check-ins for more information about the mobile visitor keys option.


Use antipassback checkboxControls whether the antipassback function is used for visitors. When you select this checkbox, the option is applied to all visitors. See Enabling antipassback for more information about antipassback.
Visitors keys are cancelable through denylist checkboxControls whether visitor keys are sent to the denylist when canceled. If you select this option, it is applied to all visitor keys in the system. See Deleting expired visitors and Managing denylists for more information. From the Advanced tab, you must enable the MORE_THAN_64K_USERS parameter to activate this checkbox.
Openings are included in the key's auditor checkboxControls whether opening events are included in audit trail entries for visitor keys.
Discarded openings are also included in the key's auditor checkboxControls whether failed opening events are included in audit trail entries for visitor keys.
Calendar drop-down listDefines which calendar is applied to visitors. See Calendars for more information.

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