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Gateways in Homelok


Gateways are hardware devices intended to be used with electronic locks where online connectivity is needed. Gateways connect to electronic escutcheons and cylinders enabling these offline locks to become connected devices. This allows functionality such as auto-assigning fobs and keycards as well as the monitoring of activity within your installation.

Gateways used in SALTO Homelok

The IQ is a specific gateway model and the link between Homelok and the wireless electronic locks. This gateway, which comes in two models, the IQ 3.0 and IQ3 Mini, acts as a bridge transferring information to and from the devices behind it to the software. It provides updates to the locks, and real-time information such as battery status and activity. The IQ is configured using the SALTO Nebula app with a Bluetooth connection and the device connects to Homelok via an internet connection.

Creating gateways

You can create gateways in Homelok via Homelok web or using the Homelok app. However, if you create gateways in Homelok, be aware that they still need to be configured for use using the Nebula app.

For a full description of how to create and configure gateways see the section on configuring gateways.

No matter which way you create gateways, it's recommended that you create this type of parent device before you create the online electronic locks that lie beneath them.

To create a gateway go to Devices > New device and select Gateway from the Device type menu. Enter a name for your gateway. You should name your gateways in a coherent manner so you can find them in your system.

Create gatewaysCreating a gateway in Homelok web

Once you've created a gateway, you can then assign it as the parent device for the online electronic locks that are managed via that gateway.

Assigning a parent deviceAssigning a gateway as an electronic lock's parent device

For more information on how to do this see the section on electronic locks.

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