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Overview of activity


Activity details different types of events that are taking place within your installation. In this section of Homelok, you can see when a user was created or who unlocked a door, for example.

Information shown

The activity screen shows a list of events ordered by the day and time at which they ocurred. You can use the Filter button to search for events within a specific time frame or apply other filters like Door unlocked, Access denied, or System.

Activity exampleActivity details different events that happen in your installation, like a door being unlocked, for example

Types of activity

Activity is broadly composed of two types of events: system and device events.

System events

System events are generally events that are triggered by user actions within the software. The users who trigger these events have management roles in Homelok, like other property managers. System events can also be automatically triggered by the system without user intervention.

Here are some examples:

  • User created/updated/deleted/blocked
  • User's access modified
  • User assigned a type of key
  • Access created/updated/deleted

Device events

Device events are events that take place within your installation and are generally produced by electronic locks and their associated doors. These events are produced on the whole by users who are holders of keys and using those keys to gain access to your installation.

Here are some examples:

  • Door unlocked by a user
  • User denied access to a door
  • Firmware updated

Unit activity

As a property manager, you can see activity that corresponds to an individual unit in the Activity tab within that specific unit. You can also see installation events relating to unit activity in the main activity section of Homelok. Here are some examples of the types of unit events that are displayed in the main installation activity section:

These types of events are not reflected in the unit-specific activity section. See also the section on unit activity for more details.

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