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Controllers in Homelok


Controllers are mains-wired hardware devices that can be used to control access where a standalone lock cannot be fitted. This could be, for example, on car park barriers, turnstiles or sliding doors.

Controllers used in Salto Homelok

The BLUEnet Controller is a specific type of controller used in Salto Homelok which is designed to be used where a larger more complex installation is not required. This model currently only supports one reader device.

Creating controllers

In a similar way to electronic locks, you use doors to manage the behavior of controllers within your installation's access plan. In this sense, a door in the Homelok system represents the physical controller device.

You can create controllers in Homelok via the web interface or using the Nebula mobile app during the device configuration process. If you create controllers via the web interface, they still need to be configured using the app.

To configure a controller, it needs to be connected to a reader device, like a Design XS Reader.

For a full description of how to create and configure controllers see also the section on configuring devices in the Nebula installer documentation.

To create a controller go to the Devices section and click on the New device button.

Ensure that in the Device type field, Controller is selected.

Creating a controllerCreating a controller in Homelok web

Connection type

Controllers can either be online or offline.


Online controllers can be either hardwired to the SALTO network or wireless. If a controller is not already online then it needs to be connected to a parent device, like a gateway. If you're creating an online controller, select Online in the connection type.

If the controller is to be connected to a parent device, you need to add the name of that device. This is only necessary if the controller is not already connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable. Selecting Online activates a pop-up Select parent device window with a list of previously created parent devices. Note that Parent device is an optional field.

It's recommended that you create the parent device in the Devices section before creating the controller that you want to associate with it.


Offline controllers are not connected to the SALTO network and you need to update them using the Nebula app if you want to make a change to them like a firmware update, for example. An offline controller does not need a parent device.

Although not as common as online controllers, some installations may use offline controllers where key data is not required to be updated at the door. i.e.: the controller is plugged in to the mains supply and connected to the door, for example, a sliding glass door, via a relay. It is not, however, connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable.


As with electronic locks, you use doors to manage the behavior of controllers within your installation's access plan. As such, the name of the controller is managed via the door's Device name field.

You can also optionally associate the controller to a unit, or add opening modes and calendars to the controller in the Door section of the Create controller window.

See the documentation on electronic locks for more information.

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