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Door groups in Homelok


Door groups are a specified collection of doors that are grouped together to make them easier to manage. For example, a door group could contain all the doors on the first floor of an apartment building or all the doors in the financial services department of an office block.

Settings page highlighting door groupsYou access the 'Door groups' page in the 'Settings' section

Door groups are intended to be used in larger installations which contain, for example, upwards of 500 doors. It's generally expected that once you set up an initial set of door groups in your installation, there's little need to edit them at a later stage.

Creating door groups

Although door groups can be used at both the installation and unit level, they can only be created at the installation level. See also the section on units for more information.

To create a door group, you must first create the doors and their associated electronic locks that you want to include in the group.

Once your doors are created, go to Settings > Door groups and select the New door group button.

Give your door group a name, for example, "First floor" and in the All doors available section, select the previously-created doors that you want to include in the group.

Creating a door groupGive your door group a name and add the doors you want to include

You can add both installation and unit doors to a door group.

Once created, to view which doors the door group contains, click on the name of the door group from the list.

View doors contained in door groupYou can distinguish unit doors from installation doors in the door group by the icons they use

You cannot add more than 100 doors per door group. See also the section on system limitations for more information.

Adding to access

Once you've created your door groups, you can then add them to your installation's access in the same way as you add individual doors to an access.

Go to the Access section and either add the new door group to an existing access, or create a new access.

To distinguish door groups from individual doors, door groups are labeled with the Door groups heading.

Add door group to accessYou can assign either individual doors or door groups to an access

You can assign a maximum of five door groups per access. See also the section on system limitations for more information.

User access

To give a user access to the door group you've created, ensure that the user's access includes that door group.

You can view which door groups are included in a user's access in the Access section.

To see a list of the doors that are included in each specific door group, click on the name of the door group within the user's access.

Door group detailDetail of an access which includes a door group

Note that you cannot add schedules, opening modes or calendars to door groups. Use the access functionality to give keyholders time-limited access to door groups.

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