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Unit activity in Homelok


The activity that can be seen at the unit level in Homelok can be viewed both by unit managers and property managers or owners.

You can see unit-specific activity in the Activity tab of the corresponding unit.

Unit activityExample of unit-specific activity in SALTO Homelok

Unit manager view

Unit managers can see events such as the unlocking of doors or access denied events that belong to their unit. They can also see some events at the installation level, only if they are produced by users that belong to their unit and involve common unit elements.

For example, unit managers can see activity related to the front door of their apartment (unit level) as well as activity related to the main building door (installation level), if those events relate to users created in the unit they manage. That's to say, in the case of the main building door, they would only see if users that belong to their unit have unlocked it.

Property manager or owner view

Property managers and owners can see all user activity at both the unit and installation levels in the main Activity section of Homelok. For example, a property manager can see if a unit has been moved in or moved out. A unit manager does not see these event types in their own unit.

Unit activity move in / outUnlike unit managers, property managers can see unit move in or move out events

If a property manager wants to only see the activity taking place in a unit, they need to click on the Activity tab of that specific unit.

For more on activity see also the main activity section of the user guide.

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