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High level overview of Homelok

Here you can find high level information about the main menu options displayed in Homelok web.


The default opening screen of Homelok and the place where you can see at a glance an overview of information relating to your installation. For example, you can view the installation's latest activity, as well as the connection status of online devices, or a summary of devices that require updates. You can also see useful information like the battery status of electronic locks as well as the latest rejections (access denied events) registered at doors in your installation.


A unit is a sub-grouping of users, access and doors, within an installation. A common use case for a unit could be an individual apartment which is located within an apartment block. See the units section for more information.


You can manage devices from the SALTO hardware ecosystem such as electronic locks (and their associated doors), gateways and encoders in this section.

Note that you don't create doors directly from a doors section, rather you must first create the electronic lock in the devices section and then associate that lock to the specific door.


The users section offers an overview of users who have access to your installation. From this section you can invite a new user, change their access permissions, or block/delete an existing user. You can also assign different types of keys to users here.


This is one of the core functionalities of Homelok. By creating and assigning access, users can be given access to selected doors during a specific time frame. This allows per-minute precision of who goes where, at what time. You can give users access to doors 24/7, or create custom schedules, depending on your access requirements.


Details activity which takes place within an installation and can relate to individual devices or users. For example, you can see when a user was created or whether a door has been unlocked. You can also filter activity by type and date to get a clearer picture of what's going on inside your installation.


In this section you can enable and configure settings like custom installation calendars, opening mode schedules or change details like the image you use to represent your installation.

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