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Offline events


Offline events refer to the ability of the system to register device events, such as a user unlocking a door, in the activity section - even if both the lock and the user's phone are offline. That's to say, neither have an internet connection.

The events are saved in the user's phone and sent to the software as soon as the phone has a working internet connection.

Events registered

"Door unlocked" and "access denied" events are amongst some of the events that can be registered as offline events.

For example, a user unlocks an offline door using an app key with a phone that has no internet connection.

That same user can continue to unlock offline doors and these events will be securely saved in their phone. As soon the phone is connected to the internet again, all of these events will be sent to the system. As a result, they will display in Activity alongside the correct day and time when the events originally took place.

If the user's phone remains offline and an installer carries out a device configuration at an offline lock where an offline event has been recorded, the Nebula app can send those events to the system.

Note that you cannot carry out device configuration, without a working internet connection on your phone. See also the section on device configuration.

Offline events currently only work with Salto cylinder locks like the Salto Neo.

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