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Access schedules in Homelok


When creating access, you can set doors to be available on certain days at certain hours for any user that has that access assigned to them. In one step, a selection of users can get the same schedule for the same set of doors. You can add up to three schedules to each access. By adding schedules you can control the specific times that an access is valid.

You can either set schedules to Always or create custom schedules depending on your requirements. Use the Edit button to apply schedules to different sets of access.

Access scheduleYou can create custom schedules to allow access to doors on specific times and days


If you select the Always option the access right schedule is valid all day, every day. That's to say it is valid for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This might be useful if you want to give a unit manager access to the main building door as well as the front door of their unit, for example.


You can create custom schedules using the Custom option. By selecting this option you can create a custom schedule using the specific days and times you want. For example, Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 18:00.

Custom schedules are set to be valid all day, but if you uncheck the All day toogle the time option is displayed. This allows you to set specific timings for the schedule.

Special calendar days

To use the Holidays (Ho) or Other days (O1 and O2) options you must create them beforehand in the Calendars section. If neither Holidays nor Other days calendars have been configured already in the installation, these options will not appear within custom schedules.

For a more detailed description of Holidays and Other days see Calendars.

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