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How to sign in to Homelok

Where to sign in

You can find the sign-in page for SALTO Homelok at

Signing in to SALTO HomelokSALTO Homelok sign in screen

Note that to be able to sign in to Homelok, you need to first receive an invitation email.

How to sign in

SALTO Homelok supports the following ways to sign-in:

Each way is described in more detail below.

The process is the same whether you're signing in to either Homelok web or Homelok app. However, to sign in to the app, you first need to download it from the corresponding app store.

If a property or unit manager assigns you a management role in Homelok, enabling you to manage resources in your installation or unit, you'll receive an email notification like the one below.

SALTO Homelok sign in emailExample of an email indicating manager access

Once you receive this notification, you can start to sign in to the application by using the Get started! button in the email.

The following processes also apply to any subsequent sign-ins. This could also include a sign-in which is required because a manager has assigned you an app key, for example. That's to say, not only managers use this sign-in process.

Passwordless sign-in

A passwordless sign-in means you don't have to remember a single, long-lived password every time you want to sign in. There are 2 ways of signing in using the passwordless method:

  1. Using the magic link
  2. Using a randomly-generated code

If you sign in using only your email address, you'll receive a 'magic link' in your inbox which you can use to access Nebula. To receive the magic link, do the following:

  • Enter your email at
  • Select Continue
  • Check your inbox
  • Select the Sign in button in the email to access Homelok

Example of passwordless sign-inIf you use the magic link, click on the 'Sign in' button to access Homelok

The magic link you receive in your email is valid for 15 minutes and can only be used once.


As an alternative to using the magic link, you can also enter a code for the same purpose. This code is sent in the same email that contains the magic link. To use it, select the Use the code instead option, once you've entered your email, and Continue.

Use the code optionAs an alternative to the magic link option, you can also enter a code

This might be useful for an installer of SALTO hardware, for example, who may be accessing Homelok on a tablet while configuring devices using a phone which has the Nebula app installed.

Example of code optionEnter the code that's sent to your email address

Sign in with Google

You can use your Google account to sign in to Homelok. To access the application using a Google account, you must first ensure that you have a user profile created in Homelok. You must also ensure that the email address you use with your Google account is the same as the one you're using to access Homelok.

Sign in with Apple

You can use your Apple account to sign in to Homelok. This means you can use Face ID or Touch ID to sign in. You can also manually enter your Apple ID and password if required.

Sign in with Microsoft

You can use your Microsoft account to sign in to Homelok. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service which allows Microsoft users who use domains such as,,, etc., to sign in and access resources in SaaS applications. The first time you enter your Microsoft email and password, you must allow Homelok to use your Microsoft account. Once you have allowed Homelok to use your account, this screen no longer appears on future sign-ins.


If you didn't receive an email, select Didn't get an email? and check the following:

  • Your email provider may be taking longer than expected. Wait a couple of minutes and refresh your inbox.
  • Check your Spam folder. Your email client may be sending these emails to Spam by accident.
  • Check you entered the correct email address. In case you made a mistake, you can re-enter your email by selecting Re-enter your email and try again.

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