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Smart tag enrollment

What is smart tag enrollment?

Smart tag enrollment is a process which enables users to assign a tag to a SALTO KS user by scanning it via a tag reader. The tag reader is a lock in your site (Wall Reader, Electronic lock, etc.) assigned by a site admin to perform this process and view the details of those tags.

The receptionist or site admin can pick up a tag and present it to the tag reader, and by following the steps displayed, the tag can be assigned to a certain user profile. This saves time and guarantees a smooth experience of assigning access.

How can I set up a tag reader?

There are two ways to set up a tag reader:

Option 1: On the Dashboard, you see a tile that says Tag reader, on the top right. When you click on this title, a box is shown where you can select the lock you want to assign to be a tag reader. Only the locks that are online and not in office mode can be selected. When you click Save, the lock will be successfully added as your default tag reader. If you want to change this, you can go to the Site tab and click Tag reader in the menu on the left of your screen.

Option 2: If you are on the Site tab (top of the page), you can find Tag reader as the last item in the menu on the left of the screen. When you click Tag reader you are led to a page where you can select a lock as your default tag reader. Only locks that are online and not in office mode can be selected.

How can I add a tag through the tag reader?

To begin the process of tag enrollment, first, the site admin must set up a lock as a tag reader by selecting an available lock in the Tag reader section of the Web App (Located in Site > Tag reader, or from the Dashboard by clicking on Tag reader).

Next, the user must navigate to the Dashboard and once there, they can present the tag directly to the tag reader. This action will trigger a modal to pop up on your KS Web App.

On the other hand, on the Dashboard, you will see on the right top corner a title that says Add a Tag. When you click the title, the same modal will pop up, asking you to choose between your default tag reader or selecting another one. Then you must present the tag you want to add to the tag reader or manually type in the tag number and click Next. However, scanning the tag reader will trigger the above flow automatically when the tag reader is already chosen. After following these steps, you have successfully added a tag using the tag reader!

How can I add a new or unassigned tag?

When the tag you want to add is unassigned, you must present it to the tag reader again and click Next. Now the tag has been successfully registered. Click Next. Now you can start assigning the tag.

Assigning the tag to a new user: Fill in the first name, last name, role, and email. Select the ways of opening for the new user and the lock options. Select the Access groups the user may be a part of. At the end of the flow, the user overview will be presented. If everything is correct, click Save.

Assigning the tag to an existing user: If you want to add the tag to an existing user, select the user of your preference and click Save.

How can I invite a user to my site with an assigned tag?

Present the tag to the tag reader and click Next. The screen will tell you which user the tag is assigned to and will ask if you want to invite this user to your site. Click yes or no and then confirm to complete this process.

How can I unassign a user to my site with an assigned tag?

Present the tag you want to unassign to the tag reader. You will see to whom the tag is assigned and be able to see the user overview. You are also able to assign the tag to a New User or an Existing User.

If the tag is a Master Key, you will first have to unassign the tag as a Master Key before you can unassign the tag from your site.

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