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Events and Incidents notifications in SALTO KS

What are entries notifications?

Entries notifications are notifications that Site Owners and Site Admins can set for entries (authorized events) and rejections (unauthorized events) of selected users on selected doors within the desired timeframe. The notifications can be sent via email or push notifications on the SALTO KS mobile app and are only sent to the Site Owner.

To set these notifications, navigate to the Entries tab under the Notifications page. Here, click on the Set Notification button where you can follow these steps:

  1. Name your notification

  2. Choose a notification type between Rejection Event and Entry Event

  3. Choose how you wish to be notified (email and/or push notification on the SALTO KS mobile app).

  4. Select which people should recieve the notification

  5. Choose the locks

  6. Define the timeframe for notifications to be triggered with Custom Timeframe or select Always

  7. Review your notification details and click Create to confirm

What are incidents?

Incidents are issues or unusual occurrences concerning your locks, such as intrusion, tampering, low battery, etc. Staying on top of incidents within your site is crucial to ensure maximum security and allow for swift action when needed. This is why we send you incident notifications for the following types of incidents:

  • Intrusion alarm: An intrusion alarm indicates that the door was opened without presenting a valid opening method (Digital Key, Tag, PIN or Remote Opening).

  • Tamper alarm: The Tamper alarm occurs when the sensors on the lock have been triggered, indicating that the lock has been interfered with.

  • Door left open alarm: Door left open alarm indicates that the door was left open for more than 30 seconds, which is detected by the sensors on the door and the lock.

  • Low battery: You will be notified when the lock has low battery levels. This means the battery needs to be replaced ASAP. If left in this state, there is an increased risk for rejections.

  • EOM failed to end: Easy Office Mode has failed to end on the lock and as a result the door is unlocked and can still be opened.

What are incident notifications?

SALTO KS web app enables Site Owners and Site Admins to configure the notifications for incidents relevant to them. If you have one of these roles, you can customize your notifications by defining:

  • Which incidents you would like to be notified on (intrusion, tamper, low battery, etc.)

  • Which locks you would like to get notified about (you may also select all locks in your site).

  • What type of notification you would like to receive (via email or a push notification on the mobile app)

  • You can also choose to be notified when the alarm stops.

How can I manage my incident notifications?

Incident notifications are disabled by default and need to be set up manually by a Site Owner or Site Admin who wishes to subscribe to them. To manage your notifications, log into your SALTO KS web app and navigate to Notifications and then select the Incidents page. Here, you will see a button Create Notification. Click this button to create your notification and define your notification rules. This process includes the following steps:

  1. Create an Alias (name) to identify your notification rule.

  2. Select the type of incident.

  3. Choose a channel (email and/or push notification on the SALTO KS mobile app).

  4. Toggle if you want to be notified also when the alarm stops.

  5. Select which locks you want to receive alerts for (or select all with the checkbox).

  6. Click Create to save your notification rule.

Once you have created one, you will see your notification listed in an overview. You can click on this at any time and make edits to your rules or delete the notification.

How can I receive my incident notifications?

You can choose to receive incident notifications via emails or push notifications in the SALTO KS mobile app.

Even if you have configured your incident notifications in the SALTO KS web app, you can receive those notifications in your SALTO KS mobile app. Log in to your mobile app account and ensure you have notifications enabled for the mobile app. Please note that Site Admins require iOS and Android version 8.16 and higher to receive these push notifications.

Can I receive incident notifications for all locks in my site?

If you want to receive incident notifications for all the site's current and future locks, choose the option: Select all locks in this site. This option will select all locks compatible with the chosen incident type, even locks added in the future will trigger the notification.

Keep in mind: some locks are only available for specific incidents, as not all locks can trigger all types of incidents.

Which locks on my site are compatible with incident notifications?

The following is an overview of hardware compatibility and points to consider for each type of incident notification:

Intrusion alarm: The intrusion alarm sensors are not built-in by default and must be purchased when ordering a lock. They are compatible with all SALTO locks except for electronic cylinders.

Tamper alarm: The tamper alarm is compatible with AElement and CU (control unit) family devices. The alarm could be triggered when the control unit or wall reader cover is removed or incorrectly tightened, the wiring may be faulty, or the device is reset.

Door left open alarm: DLO alarm sensors are not built-in by default and must be purchased when ordering a lock. They are compatible with all SALTO locks except for electronic cylinders.

Low battery alarm: The low battery alarm is available to all battery-powered SALTO locks which excludes CU-connected devices directly connected to a power outlet, for instance, wall readers.

EOM failed to end: This incident occurs when the IQ cannot instruct the lock to close after attempting to do so every minute for an hour. All locks are compatible with this incident.

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