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Interface options in Spaxx

Spaxx contains the following menu options:

  • Dashboard
  • Access Right Mappings
  • Administrators
  • Language

This section of the user guide aims to explain the different functionalities you can configure using these options.


The Dashboard section of the Spaxx connector allows you to see at a glance an overview of information relating to your installation.

Here you can:

  • Manage the Sync Agent service
  • Check the last time the sync processes ran
  • Review the logs for each of the sync processes

Spaxx dashboardSpaxx dashboard showing the available options

Sync Status

The Sync Status option allows you to start, refresh and stop the Sync Agent service.

This functionality only starts or stops the SpaceRelaxxSyncAgent service that should be installed on the server. It doesn't actually run any of the sync processes.

The Sync Agent can show the following status labels:

  • Not Installed
  • Started
  • Stopped
  • Starting
  • Stopping
  • Error

System Status

The System Status section shows the following:

  • The last time the persons/users sync was run
  • The last time the person rights/user access levels sync was run
  • The last time the system rights/access levels sync was run

Sync Logs

The Sync Logs section is minimized by default. To display the different logs, click on the titles.

The different log types are as follows:

  • Person sync logs
  • Person rights sync logs
  • System rights sync logs
  • Sync error logs

The Sync Logs section shows:

  • The logs related to each of the sync processes. These logs typically contain:
    • Date: date and time when the process ran
    • Type: the type of event that occurred (i.e.: notification, update action, etc.)
    • Message: a description of the event and the IDs of the entities involved in the process
    • Data: for events where one or more entities are involved, this field will show the full data of those entities (i.e.: name, employee number, validity dates, etc.)
  • There is an extra section specifically for error logs, where any errors related to the API, sync processes, or other errors will be logged for easy error fixing, or to help troubleshoot any problems.

The below screenshots show examples of the different types of sync logs available:

Person sync logs examplePerson sync logs example

Person rights sync logs examplePerson rights sync logs example

System rights sync logs exampleSystem rights sync logs example

Sync logs error exampleSync logs error example

By default, any personal data related to the entities of any of the systems will be hidden to comply with GDPR regulations. As indicated in the Spaxx set up section, this GDPR feature can be switched on or off on the settings page. This way the administrator can check the details of the entities involved in the sync.

Access right mappings

The Access Right Mappings tab provides the functionality to map an access level from Space with a Relaxx authorization group or directly with Relaxx lockers via personal assignment.

Access right mappingsAccess right mappings section

Create new mapping

You can create a new mapping by selecting the Space user, guest or visitor access level and mapping it to the Relaxx authorization group or locker.

Select from the drop-downs the access rights that should be mapped.

The drop-downs contain the following mapping options:

  • Space access levels
    • Space User Access Levels
    • Space Visitor Access Levels
    • Space Guest Access Levels
  • Relaxx authorization
    • Relaxx Authorization Groups
    • Relaxx Lockers (to assign directly an access level to a dynamic locker)

Create access right mappingsCreating access right mappings

After you've made the selection, click on Create and the mapping will be stored. This mapping will be used later by the Sync Agent so it knows which Relaxx authorization group should be used when creating a new authorization in Gantner, based on the Space access level assigned to the user.

Access right mapping is strictly 1-to-1. This means that as soon as a mapping is created, the selected access level and authorization group cannot be used again, and they become disabled in the drop-down. Once an access level or authorization group is already mapped, the Spaxx interface will show it as disabled, and it will not be selectable.

The drop-down values are stored in the Spaxx database by the sync process. If the sync process has never been run, the drop-down menus might be empty. To ensure this information is filled out, you can either use the Sync Agent, or perform a manual sync from the Settings page.

The Relaxx authorization locker mapping is not strictly 1-to-1. This means that you can map different access levels to the same locker. For example, one direct locker can be assigned to a user access level, and also to a guest access level. Once an access level or an authorization group is already mapped, Spaxx will show it as disabled, and will not be selectable.

Delete existing mapping

To delete an existing mapping, click on the Delete button next to the mapping you wish to delete.


The Administrators section allows you to create extra logins for other administrators of the Spaxx connector.

Agent administrators sectionAgent administrators section

The administrator can create new agent administrators or delete existing ones.

Create new Agent Administrator

The Create new Agent Administrator section allows you to provide the credentials of the new Agent Administrator. After the credentials are confirmed, click on Create, and the user will be stored. These credentials can then be used to log in to Spaxx.

Create new Agent AdministratorCreate new Agent Administrator

There are no roles in the Configurator, so all Agent Administrators have full access to the features of the Configurator and the Sync Agent.

The credentials are a combination of username and password. The username is alphanumeric and can't contain spaces (i.e.: jondoe or are valid). The password must be at least 5 digits long.

Agent Administrator sessions expire after 10 minutes of inactivity, after that you have to log back in.

Delete an existing Agent Administrator

Delete an existing Agent Administrator using the Delete button at the desired administrator configuration window.

There should always be at least one Agent Administrator. When there's only one, the delete button will be disabled.


Spaxx supports the following languages as displayed on the below screenshot:

List of supported languagesList of supported languages

To change the interface language, choose the desired language from the drop-down menu.

The majority of the interface is translated. However the content of the logs cannot be translated as this depends on the different systems involved (SQL, Space, Relaxx, operating system). The language used in the logs depends on the language configuration of those components.

Example of logs not translatedExample of the interface where the logs content is not translated

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