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Spaxx limitations

Card usage

The Spaxx connector integration works with RFID credentials based on a 4 Bytes and 7 Bytes UID.

SALTO official cards like PCM01KB or PCD02KB or SALTO KS tags with SVN capabilities (PFD04KWSVNKS) can be used.

Other cards are not compatible.

Audit trail

Audit trail events are not synchronized through the connector. Any event related to locker access has to be read on the Relaxx log entries audit trail.

Number of user access levels

Relaxx only allows a user to belong to one authorization group. That's why on the user access plan, the user should just have one access level related to one Gantner authorization group.

If a user needs to have access to several locker groups, you will need to create an authorization group that has access to several locker groups.

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