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App errors and warnings in Nebula Beta

SALTO Nebula app errors and warnings (iOS and Android)

In this section you can find descriptions of the errors and warnings that you might come across when using the SALTO Nebula iOS or Android app to configure devices such as electronic locks or gateways. You'll also find out how to handle those errors.

No internet connection

Your phone needs to have a working internet connection so that you can use it to configure devices. You should ensure you have a working internet connection and try again if you see this error. Note that a working internet connection is not required to use the Nebula app as a key. See app keys for more details.

Connection error

This error may come about as a result of a loss of connection between your phone and SALTO Nebula. If you see this error you should retry the process you're currently carrying out.

Bluetooth is turned off

The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect your phone to an electronic lock. To configure an electronic lock for example, you must enable Bluetooth on your phone. You can do this by selecting Turn on Bluetooth directly from this error screen.

Location access required

This applies to Android phones only.

When using Android phones, you need to allow the app access to your location for it to connect to a SALTO device, such as an electronic lock. This is because from Android version 6.0 onwards, Android apps require location permission to be able to scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices. SALTO does not use this information in any way.

Note that if you deny the app access to your location, you cannot use the app to configure a device.

Location is turned off

You need to make sure you turn on location services on your phone. This is because some Android phones require you to enable location to scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Note that this error differs from "Location access required". This is because although you may have already granted the app access to your location, you also need make sure you turn on location services.

No device found

If once you select Configure and the app fails to find any nearby devices, you'll see a "No device found" message and you can retry the search. If no device is found, make sure you hold your phone close to the reader on the device, before retrying.

Bluetooth connection lost

If there's a Bluetooth interruption while you are configuring a device, the app automatically attempts to reconnect. Once the Bluetooth connection starts up again the process continues from the point at which it cut off.


Like "No device found" this error may occur if a connection is lost while you're verifying an electronic lock. This could happen, for example, if you're close to another electronic lock and Bluetooth connects to this electronic lock rather than the one you're currently configuring. If you see this error, make sure you hold your phone close to the reader on the device, before selecting Retry.

Connected to an unsupported device

This error could display if you inadvertently try to configure a SALTO hardware device, like an electronic lock or gateway that's not yet supported by the app. If the device is supported by a later version of the app, you should be able to resolve this by updating to the latest version of the app.

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