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Getting started with Homelok


SALTO Homelok is a cloud-based access control platform intended for use in the residential, multifamily and smart-living sectors.

This section of the user guide is aimed at unit managers and it mainly describes features relating to the Homelok mobile app, although some references to the Homelok web application are made.

As a unit manager, it's expected that you would manage your unit, for example your apartment, using only the app. You'll mainly use the app to invite other users by giving them access to your home and assigning them keys.

This guide will help you to understand the basic functionality of the Homelok app. For the purposes of this guide, Homelok web refers to the web-based application, whereas Homelok app refers to the Homelok mobile applications, available on both iOS and Android. Please also check the glossary section for further information on terminology.

This guide does not provide underlying information on how each individual piece of equipment works.

Homelok app

The Homelok app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Below you can find links to download the app from the respective app stores.


Download on the Apple App store


Download from Google Play

Homelok web

There's no need to install any software to use Homelok web and you access the application via a standard web browser. Homelok web supports the latest versions of all major browsers.

As a unit manager, although you can manage keys and users using Homelok web, for your convenience it's generally expected that you will use the Homelok app.

Signing in

To access the Homelok app you first need a property manager to assign you the role of unit manager. Once you receive an email indicating you've been given access to manage your unit, you should follow the instructions in the email to access the app.

Ways to sign in

SALTO Homelok supports the following ways to sign-in:

  • Passwordless
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

For a detailed description of the signing in process, see the signing in section of the property manager user guide.

Signing in to SALTO HomelokThere are multiple ways to sign in to the Homelok app

The process is the same whether you're signing in to either Homelok web or Homelok app. However, to sign in to the app, you first need to download it from the corresponding app store. You can access Homelok web via a standard web browser.

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