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Managing access in Homelok


The Access feature in Homelok simplifies the management of access permissions for sets of users with similar access profiles. Access determines who can enter where, and when.

For unit managers, the Access section of the Homelok app displays a list of previously defined sets of access that you can then grant to users. This list is for informative purposes only. That's to say, you can view the doors that the access contains and the schedule that's been applied to the access but you can't modify anything here.

Access list in HomelokYou can view the sets of access that are available in the unit in the 'Access' section

To view the doors and schedules that the access contains, tap on the name of the access.

Schedules can either have some time or day restrictions, or be set to Always, meaning that the access is valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Assigning user access

You don't assign access to users via the Access section of the Homelok app. Instead, you assign access to users directly from the Users section, either when creating a new user, or using the Edit button inside the user's profile.

See the section on user access for more details.

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