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My keys in Homelok


The My keys section of the Homelok app is where you can find the keys that have been assigned to you and where you use those keys to unlock doors. Note that the type of key that you use with the Homelok app is an app key. To find out about other types of keys see the section on assigning keys.

Unlocking doors

To unlock a door using an app key, hold your phone near to the reader on the door's lock and use the Swipe to unlock button in the app. When you unlock the door, an Unlocked message will display in the app.

Swipe to unlockIn the Homelok app you use the 'Swipe to unlock' button to unlock doors

If you have access to multiple doors, you use the same Swipe to unlock button to unlock all of them.

If you're having difficulty using your app key, consult the frequently asked questions for keyholders section.


The My keys section also displays an Access tab at the bottom of the screen which you can pull up to see which doors you have access to. If you have access to multiple doors, you will see a selection of sets of access that contain the doors, and if applicable, any schedules that are associated with the access.

My keys section showing the access tabPull up the 'Access' tab from the bottom of the screen to see the doors that are included in your access

By tapping on any access from the list, the app brings up information about that specific access. For example, the doors it contains and the schedule that's been applied.

You can also see on this Access tab the activation and expiration dates that apply to you.

No keys assigned

If you haven't been assigned an app key, the My keys section will not display the Swipe to unlock button. Check with your key issuer if the Swipe to unlock button does not display.

As a unit manager, if you don't see any keys in My keys, you can assign yourself a key in the Users section.

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