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Getting started with SALTO Homelok


SALTO Homelok is a cloud-based access control platform intended for use in the residential, multifamily and smart-living sectors.

This section of the user guide is aimed at keyholders and mainly describes how to use digital keys, such as app keys, which are available in the Homelok mobile app, and Apple Wallet keys.

Note that Homelok also supports physical keys like keycards or fobs.

Digital key types

SALTO Homelok supports two types of digital keys:

App keyA digital key residing in the Homelok mobile app on an iPhone or Android phone. You can use this option if you own an Android phone or an iPhone that's not compatible with Apple Wallet keys.
Apple Wallet keyA key residing in Apple Wallet on your iPhone and/or an Apple Watch. You can use this option if you own a compatible Apple device.

If you use Apple Wallet keys to unlock doors in your property, see the section on Apple Wallet keys for more information on how to use them.

Homelok app

The Homelok app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Below you can find links to download the app from the respective app stores.

Download iOS

Download on the Apple App store

Download Android

Download from Google Play

Signing in

To access the Homelok app you first need a property manager or unit manager to assign you a key. Once you receive an email indicating you've been assigned a key, you should follow the instructions in the email to access the app.

Homelok app sign inIf you've been assigned an app key, you should sign in to the Homelok app to use it

Ways to sign in

SALTO Homelok supports the following ways to sign in:

  • Passwordless
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

For a more detailed description of Homelok sign-in methods, see the section on signing in.


The SALTO Homelok app is available in several different languages.

Change language

The way you change the language of the app interface depends on your device's operating system.


For Apple devices, you can change the language of the app independently from the default language of your device's operating system.

To do so, go to your device's Settings app, select SALTO Homelok > Preferred Language and choose the desired language of the app.


For Android devices, the app automatically detects the default language of your device. If your language is not supported in the app then the app will display in English.

To change the language of your Android device go to Settings > System > Languages & input > Languages.

This process may be different for specific models of Android devices.

See also the Google guide to changing language on an Android device.

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