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General key questions in Homelok

How do I unlock doors?

Physical keys

If you use a physical key (card or fob), you should hold your key in front of the lock's reader until it blinks green (access granted) or red (access denied). When unlocking, make sure that you hold your key at the lock long enough so that the lock blinks green and allows you to unlock it. The LED light may display short yellow blinks first, before blinking green to indicate access granted.

It's important to hold the key at online locks until the LED turns red or green because the lock will also transfer any new data to your key as you unlock it. This data could include, for example, new access permissions or an extension of the key's expiry time.

Digital keys

For digital keys like app keys, use the Swipe to unlock button in the My keys section of the app. It's not necessary to hold the key at the lock for an extended period of time. For Apple Wallet keys, see the dedicated section on these types of keys.

What should I do if the app displays a 'Waiting for keys' message?

This could happen because the app key option is not activated for the user.

Waiting for keysThis screen displays in the Homelok app if you haven't got any active keys

You can activate this option in two ways:

  1. Go to the Users screen, press the three dots menu beside the user's name and use the Manage keys option to assign yourself an app key.
  2. On the user detail screen use the Manage keys icon to assign yourself an app key.

Manage keysThe 'Manage keys' icon only displays if you have manager access to Homelok

Only users with management roles like property managers or unit managers will have access to this option. Any type of user also needs to provide an email address for an app key to be assigned.

On the Manage keys screen, use the Assign button next to the App key option.

Key type selectSelect 'App key' from the 'Manage keys' menu to ensure the user is assigned a key

Now you will be able to see the Swipe to unlock button in the My Keys section of the Homelok app.

What should I do if the 'My Keys' list doesn't show any access?

If you don't see any door listings in your My Keys section, it could be that you have not been assigned access to any doors. You should contact the property manager or unit manager to review your access.

My keys with accessThe 'My Keys' screen only shows the 'Access' tab if a manager has assigned you access to doors

What should I do if I try to unlock a door and an access denied message is displayed?

You may not have access to the door you are trying to unlock, or you may not have access in the time zone you are in. You should contact the property manager or unit manager to check your access and door schedules.

Access deniedAccess denied message

What should I do if I try to unlock a door and the lock is not found?

Try moving closer to the door. If after a number of attempts the problem persists, contact the property manager or whoever is providing you with access.

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