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How do I use digital key?

Digital key can best be described as an equivalent of a traditional tag or keyfob, it allows you to use your phone as a tag. If the site you are a user of has hardware that supports digital key, it will be automatically enabled in your mobile app.

In order to open a lock with your digital key, press the Digital Key icon in your app or widget and tap the lock reader with your phone to wake it up. The digital key will be sent to the lock, which will respond as usual.

This is a Bluetooth-enabled digital version of your SALTO KS key, stored in the KS app. You can use it by going into the app and tapping the Digital Key icon, or activating the Widget on your phone (iOS and Android). Once activated, the user must tap the lock with their phone to open the door.

Digital keys can be used by both KS users and guests. The same terminology applies to both, as it is the same feature. The difference is that guests can only download a digital key if a user requests an access code for them (link) and then share it with them. Guests do not have to create a full profile on the app, as they will use the Guest mode version. This technology will be used to transfer a "key" between third parties and someone's device. Allowing them to remotely open doors using their phone only.

Please reach out to SALTO Systems Support if you encounter issues using your digital key.

How can I set up the digital key widget on my iPhone?

With the digital key widget, SALTO KS offers an enhanced user experience of opening doors effortlessly, without you having to open your app. Widgets were created because some things are so important, they need to be at your fingertips at all times. Digital key is the key that lives within your smartphone and with the widget, all you need to do is press a single button that says Use Digital Key, and tap your phone to the lock.

Before you start:

  • Install the SALTO KS app on your phone if you haven't already (iOS or Android).
  • Activate the digital key functionality from within your SALTO KS app for the first time.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth.
  • Unlock your phone.

Digital key widget for iOS:

Step 1: Your widgets can be accessed from your Home screen. Unlock your phone and swipe right. Here you can find your personalized list of widgets. For iOS, this screen is called Today View and this is where you can manage your widgets.

Step 2: Here, scroll all the way down until you see the button that says Edit. Tap on it and then scroll down again and click on Customize. This brings you to a list of widgets you can choose to remove or add.

Step 3: Now you can add the SALTO KS widget to your Today View screen by selecting SALTO KS Digital Key.

Digital key widget for Android:

Step 1: For you to enable the SALTO KS widget on your Android, unlock your phone and navigate to your home screen to add the widget. Now, press and hold a blank spot on your home screen.

Step 2: A pop-up menu will be shown and you can select the widget tab.

Step 3: To add the widget of your choice, in this case, SALTO KS digital key, tap on the widget and hold it.

Step 4: You are now able to drag and drop the widget directly into your home screen.

It's that simple… Add your SALTO KS widget today!

How do I delete my digital key?

You can delete your digital key directly in your Mobile App. This is useful if you have multiple digital keys on different devices, some of which are no longer useful to you. Navigate to Settings and select your Digital Key settings. Here, you can delete the key of your choice by tapping Delete the Digital Key. You will be asked to confirm this action, as once it is deleted, it cannot be undone. Upon confirming, your digital key will instantly be removed from your device and will no longer be visible on your Web or Mobile Apps.

Should you wish to activate a new digital key in your app, you will find the option to do so at the top of your digital key settings, where you can manage and maintain your Digital keys.

Site admins and site super users can also delete their digital keys in the Web App. To do this, they must access their keys by navigating to the People page, where they can click on their own user (that is they can see themselves listed on the page). Here, they can delete the digital key of their choice.

It is only possible to delete your own digital keys.

Do I have to be the near the lock to use digital key? When do I have to tap the lock?

As digital key uses Bluetooth to communicate with the lock directly, you will have to be near the lock.

Tapping the lock is needed to "wake up" the lock, in order to receive the digital key. As with a tag, the lock will present a sound and LED signal when access is provided (or denied). Now, you can open the door.

Will my lock support digital key?

For digital key, your site is required to have updated IQs, as well as Bluetooth LE-enabled locks.

SALTO Bluetooth LE-enabled locks that support digital key are: XS4 Original, XS4 One, XS4 Mini, XS4 Wall reader, XS4 Keypad, and XS4 Wall reader with keypad.

Please note, that in some cases for older locks, a firmware update might be required.

What is remote opening and how does it work?

Remote opening allows you to open a lock from the SALTO KS mobile app without being close to the lock or in proximity of it.

To perform this action, the user needs to have the appropriate rights. In order to give rights, you need to be an administrator and grant the user with Remote Opening rights. This can be done from the web app or the mobile app, by tapping on the chosen user and under Lock options making sure that Remote opening is enabled.

When I want to do a 'Remote Opening', the app asks for an authentication code, that I don't have, What do I do?

If you want to carry our a Remote Opening, and the app is requesting a code, this is just the general ID/authentication method you have set up on your mobile device (this could be Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode on iOS, and the same applies to Android.)

What is the reason why I can only unlock my door, but when I try to lock it, my digital key is not responding?

In this scenario, please contact our SALTO Systems Support Team and they will assist you.

My SALTO KS app stops working after I open it, What can I do about it?

If the SALTO KS app stops working please restart your phone or force quit and restart the KS app.

If the problem persists, please reach out to our Support Team and they will assist you.

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