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Tag enrollment for pods

Can I manage tags in pods?

Yes, it is possible to manage tags in pods! Pod members can directly assign and manage the tags of their pod guests. In order to do so, pod members should have the SALTO KS Mobile App version 8.9.0 or higher. This process works in two steps:

Step 1: The site can go to a pod of their choice to assign free tags that are already part of the site to that pod on the Web App.

Step 2: The pod members can assign those tags to their guests on the Mobile App.

Before this, when a guest would be invited, the pod member had to contact the site to assign the guest a tag and hand it over. Now, the pod member has the power to control the access of the guest in one simple step. This easy management of tags would optimize operations in co-working spaces, for instance, where members have agency and flexibility in providing tag access to visitors or contractors.

With the introduction of tag management in pods, guests' tags can now be added and removed seamlessly by site admins while pod members can manage and view the status of their pod guests and their access.

How can I assign a tag to a pod?

Site admins can assign a tag to a pod on the SALTO KS Web App. When you click on + Create a new pod, you will be taken through the process of creating and setting up a new pod, where you can assign a tag to a pod member and choose the locks they can access with that tag. During this process, one of the steps will ask you to choose the unassigned tags that pod members can assign to guests. Doing this will give pod members the ability to directly assign those tags to their pod guests with ease on their Mobile App.

Next, you will be asked to select a Timeframe and, lastly, add a pod name. You will be shown an overview of the pod you have created after completing all the steps.

There you have it! You have successfully assigned a tag to a pod.

You can also keep track of your pods by clicking on the name of your pod of choice, where you will be taken to an overview of its details. Here, if you click Tags in the left sidebar menu, you will see two columns: Tags assigned to this pod and unassigned tags. You can manage and maintain the tags in your pod of choice as and when you require.

How can I assign a tag to pod guests?

As a pod member, you can assign a tag to a pod guest of your choice on the SALTO KS Mobile App. When you go to Invite a guest, you will see an Access section where you can see the option to Assign Tag. If there are no tags assigned to the pod, this option will not be available for you, and you will be informed.

If you click on Assign Tag, you will find an overview of all the available tags to assign. Here, you can select a tag of your choice for the guest you have invited.

Once you select it, that person will successfully be able to use the tag, and when you click on their name, you will be able to their details. Here, you will always be able to check the tag number, remove the tag, or assign a different tag.

How can I unassign a tag from a pod guest?

To unassign a tag from a pod guest, navigate to the pod and select a guest of your choice. Here, under Details, you can select the option Tag to assign a different tag or to unassign it from the guest.

What happens to the unassigned tags in the pod when the pod is deleted?

The unassigned tags will be available on the site level. They can now be assigned once again to a pod and user.

What happens to the unassigned tags in the pod when the pod is cleaned?

The unassigned tags inside the pod stay as they are and the next pod member would have the ability to assign them to their guests.

What happens if a user is removed from the pod or site?

The tag is unassigned from the user and remains in the pod as unassigned for the pod member to assign to another guest.

What happens to a pod's tag if a user is removed from a site while the tag is assigned to them?

If the user is removed from a site, the tag will become available for the pod member to assign it to another guest.

When a pod guest is removed from a pod, what happens to the tag assigned to them?

The tag is unassigned from the user if the tag belongs to a pod. It will then become available for the pod member to assign to another guest.

Can a pod member block a tag of their guest?

Pod members cannot block the tag of their guest. In this scenario, they can unassign the tag, or they need to reach out to site to block it.

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