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Custom timeframes for pods

What are custom timeframes?

Custom timeframes are part of the pods feature. Enabling Site Admins to create separate timeframes for the different locks in their pod via the SALTO KS web app. Defining timeframes per lock gives you the ability not just to manage but also to customize access. In the hospitality sector, for instance, picture this: When guests arrive at a hotel, instead of waiting for their room to be ready or their check-in time, they can still have access to certain parts of the hotel that you wish to grant them, such as the pool, gym or restaurant. In the coworking sector, members can still access office booths or the cafeteria instead of waiting for a meeting room to become available.

Keep in mind that the custom timeframes you create can override the main Check-in and Check-out timeframe you have set for your pod. This feature gives you flexibility and control over your pod, allowing you to tailor access to users for specific periods of time.

How can I set up custom timeframes for my pod?

In the SALTO KS web app, as a Site Admin, you have two ways to set custom timeframes for your pod.

The first way is when creating a new pod. When you reach the step to define a timeframe for your pod, you will see an option to Create a Custom Timeframe. Select this option, and you will reach the next step, where you can select the locks for your timeframe and set the start and end times they can be accessed. When you are ready with your custom timeframes, click Done, and you will be taken to a final overview of your pod settings. Remember to click Save to complete the process!

The second way is to create custom timeframes for an already existing pod. To do so, select the pod in your pods overview and then click on the Timeframes tab. Here, you can view your pods' existing settings and click Edit to define your custom timeframes. Once you are ready with your selections, click Save and you will see your updates.

Are there any requirements to create custom timeframes?

Keep the following points in mind before creating custom timeframes for locks in your pod:

  • You can only create custom timeframes via the SALTO KS web app.
  • If the timeframe for your pod is set to Always, it is not possible to create custom timeframes for your locks since they can always be accessed by the guests and members of your pod.
  • To create custom timeframes, you must define a Check-in & Check-out timeframe and have at least one lock in your pod.

What is the maximum number of custom timeframes I can create for my pod?

Depending on your pod's maximum number of locks, you can create custom timeframes for each lock or whichever locks you choose.

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