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Space and OnGuard license considerations

License considerations

To synchronize Lenel OnGuard with SALTO BlueConn, the correct subscriptions and licenses need to be set up in the system. Note that this section refers to Space and OnGuard licenses. For a description of how to activate the BlueConn connector license, see the section on logging in.

Lenel OnGuard subscription

This is what the Partner integrations (IPC module) for SALTO should look like:

Partner integration IPC modulePartner integration IPC module in OnGuard

Lenel OnGuard license

This is what the OpenAccess application support section should display:

OnGuard OpenAccess application supportLicense administration for OpenAccess application support in Lenel OnGuard

If the above two options are not included, the test will fail.

Test OnGuard connectionTesting the OnGuard connection

Space license

You need to have the license type SPA-CONN-LENEL activated in Space for the BlueConn integration to work correctly. You also need to add a unique serial number.

Space license informationSpace license information panel

During the installation of Space, the SPA-CONN-LENEL in version 6.6 must be activated manually instead of automatically by using the Update license feature.

Space manual license updateYou must update your Space license manually

See also the section updating licenses in Space.

Connector door counting

The system will count the online doors synchronized with Lenel OnGuard and will transfer that information to the OnGuard database. That number is shown in the Partner values panel.

This value will be counted once the lock is shown as online in Space, not straight after you create the door in Space as online.

Partner values panelYou can see the doors that have been counted in the 'Partner values' panel

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