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How to log in to BlueConn and licensing considerations

BlueConn Web Configurator login

To access the BlueConn user interface you need to enter a valid username and password. This is the default the username and password:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: @BlueCon!


You also need a license to access the functionalities of BlueConn. You will see the following message when you log in for the first time:

  • "This application is not licensed, check the license tab for more information."

Login license messageBlueConn requires a license to be able to use it

To resolve this go to Configuration > License in the main navigation bar.

Configuration > License optionGo to 'Configuration' > 'License' and enable to relevant options

The BlueConn SyncAgent & BlueConn Events API applications are disabled by default. To enable them, select Enabled from the drop-down menu in both and then Save.

Enable license optionsEnable license options

Once you've enabled both applications, copy the License generation code and send it by email to, making sure to include your Space SPACON-LENEL serial number.

License generation codeCopy the key and send it by email to the correct address

When you've received back the activation code by mail from Bluefield, enter it in the Set License key field and click Save.

Set License keyFill out the 'Set License key' field to ensure the application is licensed

You should then see a message indicating that the connector is correctly licensed.

Application is licensedA message displays once the connector is correctly licensed

Remember that you also have to ensure that the service is running.

Service runningCheck the service is running before proceeding

Note: this section refers only to licensing of the SALTO BlueConn connector. For OnGuard and Space licensing considerations, see the dedicated section in the user guide.

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