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Offline access in SALTO KS

What is offline access?

The SALTO KS offline access feature is an access right granted to a user's key, enabling their access rights to be stored locally in the SALTO locks.

The offline access feature comes into play in the (unlikely) event of the locks losing connection to the IQ (and, therefore, the connection to the cloud). If this happens and they cannot reach the IQs to verify an access rule, the locks can resort to their own locally stored data to either grant or deny access to that user's key.

No need to panic, doors will continue to open for you just as usual!

In what context does offline access come into play?

Offline access will only come into play if the locks lose connection to the IQ, in which case they will resort to their own locally stored access information.

If the IQ loses connection to the internet but is still operational and connected to the locks, then the IQ will inform the locks about the access rules.

Which access credentials are available for offline access?

The access credentials available for offline access are PIN, digital key, and tag. For digital key and tag, offline access needs to be manually assigned, but PIN is automatic.

Who can manage offline access?

Only site admins can grant, revoke, and manage offline access.

How do I grant offline access via the SALTO KS web app?

On the SALTO KS web app, site admins must go to the People page and select a user. From there, click on the Keys tab. For each key you would like to grant offline access for, click on its actions menu (three dots) which will give you the option to Enable offline access.

Regarding PIN, offline access does not need to be manually assigned. Instead, the IQ will dynamically determine which users should have offline access based on their access rights to the specific lock.

I got removed from an access group, do I still have offline access rights?

No, if users get removed from an access group with access to a site, their keys automatically lose their offline access rights to that site.

As a site admin, do the access changes I make on the platform become instantly available to the locks?

The IQ must be online and connected to the cloud to sync any changes to access rights made in the platform. Only then can the IQ sync that information with the locks.

As a site owner, am I always guaranteed to have offline access?

Yes, the first key to get synced in the locks is always the master key (the key assigned to site owners) so that they always get the priority and the guarantee they will be stored locally in the locks.

Keep in mind: a master key is always a physical tag.

Even if a site owner has a digital key, that does not get automatic priority when the IQ is syncing offline access rights with the locks.

Only the tag assigned to be the master key of that site owner will get the priority.

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