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Office modes

How does the (easy) office mode functionality work, and how is it configured?

Office mode permanently unlocks the door, which means everyone can open the door without presenting a tag or digital key. SALTO KS offers different types of office modes, which ensure maximum security and flexibility for your space.

Regular or manual office mode (MOM): You can set your lock to manual office mode if your door is intended to offer free entry. You must present valid credentials to the lock to activate and end this mode.

This mode unlocks a door indefinitely until a user, with the proper permission, locks the door again. If you want to set a lock to manual office mode, use the SALTO KS web or mobile app or perform an action on the lock itself. If you wish to do the latter, there are two ways, depending on your lock. If you have an older escutcheon type, you can present your digital key, tag, or PIN with MOM permission while holding up the inside handle. On newer BLUEnet cylinders and escutcheons, you need only to present the valid credential to the lock for more than 5 seconds. The permission required for this mode is called manual office mode (MOM), which is set on a per-user basis. You can find this option in the Lock options section of the user's profile.

Easy office mode (EOM): Set your lock to easy office mode if a door is supposed to offer free entry during specific timeframes. You must present valid credentials to the lock to activate this mode. Unlike manual office mode, this mode will end as per the set timeframe.

This mode, just like the MOM, sets the door into a state of being continuously unlocked, but with the difference of following a set timeframe and being triggered instantly when presented with a valid credential. Users with the correct permissions can put locks into office mode within a specific timeframe of their choice. When the schedule is active, and a user with EOM permission presents a digital key, tag, or PIN, it sets the door into EOM, and the door remains unlocked until the timeframe ends or until the same user presents their credential once again, which ends EOM. If any user with rights presents a credential outside of the EOM timeframe, the door will unlock and then instantly lock again as it would in standard mode. This feature helps grant easy access and requires no remote action to set a lock into office mode. The user permission for this mode can also be found on the user detail page under lock permissions, which is called Easy Office Mode (EOM). The EOM timeframe is defined on the lock details page.

What is it that I am using 'Easy office mode' but I can't find a method to enter a custom schedule?

In this scenario, please contact our SALTO Systems Support and they will assist you.

If authorized, how do you set your door in 'office mode'?

Office mode is the state a lock is in when it is permanently unlocked. This allows anyone to enter the lock without a SALTO KS tag.

Office mode can be enabled in two new ways, easy office mode (EOM) and manual office mode. These new features can be great for offices that do not want their employees to use the SALTO KS tag during business hours for every single opening of the lock.

How to enable easy office mode (EOM): EOM door settings per lock. This lock schedule can be created and modified by the owner and admin. EOM can be found in the SALTO KS account under Locks. Here, EOM can be set as on or off.

When turning EOM on, you need to define the time-frame in which you want people with EOM rights to be able to (dis)engage EOM.

When turning EOM off all locks in EOM will straight away disengage (= locked).

EOM Person Settings: The ability to (dis)engage EOM is a right which can be granted per person. Owner and admin can grant this right to any person in a system. Super users can grant rights to other super user and basic users. Rights can be granted in the People screen. Select the person, click edit and tick the box for EOM. Any person with this box ticked can engage and disengage EOM on a door that has a EOM schedule.

Manual office mode (MOM): This feature offers the ability to (dis)engage office mode on an escutcheon by presenting a valid SALTO KS tag while holding the inside handle.

How to engage manual office mode?

A person with manual office mode rights can manually engage manual office mode on every lock in a site according to the access groups this person is in. A lock that is put in office mode using manual office mode, will stay in office mode indefinitely until it is manually ended mobile or via web app.

How to grant the rights to (dis)engage?

Manual office mode person settings: The ability to (DIS) engage manual office mode is a right which can be granted per person. Rights to manual office mode can be granted by the owner or admin only. Super users can grant rights to other super users and basic users. Select the person, click edit and tick the box for manual office mode

Engaging the door in office mode from your mobile device:

  • Enter the app, select the lock you want to activate the office mode and click on that.
  • Slide to the right or left on the door you want to apply it.

This feature offers the ability to (dis)engage office mode on an escutcheon by presenting a valid SALTO KS tag while holding the inside handle.

What is automatic opening?

You can think of automatic opening as easy office mode without the need of manually presenting credentials. When you enable and define your easy office mode settings, you can enable automatic opening, which will guarantee that the lock will open automatically for the selected timeframe without any requirement to present credentials to the lock.

How can I enable automatic opening?

Navigate to the Locks page in your SALTO KS web app, select a lock, and then go to its Settings. Here, you can see whether easy office mode has been enabled or disabled. To use automatic opening, you must have easy office mode enabled.

Click on Edit, which will allow you to define your easy office mode settings and select the corresponding timeframe. At the bottom of the window, you will see a checkbox that will enable automatic opening. Click on the box to enable this setting for your selected timeframe. Next, hit Save, and you will be asked one final time to confirm your choice to enable this setting, since it could present a security risk. When you confirm yes, you will have successfully enabled automatic opening.

For which scenarios should I use automatic opening?

It is best to use automatic opening for scenarios where you want to set easy office mode for a particular timeframe but want the mode to start and end automatically. The door will stay unlocked for the entire duration of the timeframe.

For this reason, you should be careful when using this option. Be aware of the security implications as anyone will be able to open the door regardless of credentials or permissions. Anyone will be able to open the door regardless of credentials or permissions.

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