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Subscriptions and vouchers

Subscription home screen

How can I buy a new voucher?

Please contact your supplier/installer or SALTO Systems Support to buy a new voucher.

Can I get the subscription history of a site?

Site Admins can access the subscription history of a site by navigating to the Subscription page of the site and clicking on the History tab. Here you can view the site's subscription plans, start date, expiry date, and feature information.

What happens when my site's subscription ends?

When a subscription ends, the IQs are all set to the unsubscribed status. This means that they will not respond to any lock requests and no changes to access rights can be done anymore. Offline access credentials set on the locks (also based on the audit trail) will not be touched when the subscription ends.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please reach out to SALTO Systems Support for instructions on how to cancel your subscription.

I got the message "no valid subscription" What should I do?

If your subscription has expired, you can purchase a new voucher by contacting your local supplier/installer or SALTO Systems Support.

What are the SALTO KS subscription plans?

SALTO KS offers its customers feature-oriented subscription plans. These are SALTO KS Lite and SALTO KS Pro.

SALTO KS Lite is a reliable and scalable package for all your essential cloud-based access control requirements. SALTO KS Pro offers all the essential features of Lite and in addition, equips you with exclusive features to create an all-around smart space.

Subscription add-onsThe different add-ons available in SALTO KS

What is an add-on?

An add-on is an optional feature you can add to your subscription. Add-ons are available to both SALTO KS Lite and Pro customers, which means that all SALTO KS users can select an Add-on to accompany their existing list of features. An example of an Add-on is Pods.

What are additional seats?

Additional seats can expand the limitation of certain SALTO KS Pro features beyond the subscription voucher size capacity. Users can customize their subscriptions by adding additional seats for certain Pro Features, NET.Lock is an example. For instance, in the case of NET.Lock: All Pro subscription sizes will support up to 192 lockers, and if, for instance, a customer requires 193 lockers, they will need to purchase that extra locker individually as an Additional Seat.

Additional seats will work differently depending on the Pro Feature. This is because each feature has a different component that can be purchased in addition to the maximum supported by the subscription. For NET.Lock: the component is lockers. You may contact your local SALTO Business Unit for further information and details upon request.

Can I get a free trial for SALTO KS Pro?

No, at this moment, we do not offer free trials for SALTO KS plans.

What is the free week?

When a new installation (site) is created, SALTO KS customers receive a free week. In this free week, they will receive seven full days of SALTO KS Pro features and add-ons before choosing their subscription.

If you try out the free week and want to continue using its features, make sure you have purchased and activated a Pro plan or selected the add-on of your choice.

If after the 7 days are up, you wish to activate a SALTO KS Lite subscription, please note that while you will be able to view what you created during your Free Week, it wont be possible to click on and utilize Pro features or add-ons. These will be disabled at the end of your free week.

Can I downgrade to fewer subscribed users?

No. To downgrade, the current active subscription needs to expire, and only then a new voucher can be redeemed.

Can I upgrade my SALTO KS plan during an active subscription?

Yes. It is possible to upgrade your SALTO KS subscription plan even during an active subscription. You will need to purchase and activate the new subscription plan in order to upgrade. When you activate a voucher, the current subscription will end, and the new one will begin.

When you do so, keep in mind that the remaining part of the existing subscription will be added to the new subscription as specified in the voucher, extending your new subscription accordingly. If the new subscription allows for a larger number of users, a calculation will be made to determine the new end date with a value equivalent of the previous voucher.

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