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How do I sign up for SALTO KS?

There are two ways to sign up for a SALTO KS account:

  1. Your installer creates an account for you during the installation
  2. You sign up for an account yourself through

Please note that if an installer installs your site, you need to provide the same email address to your installer.

How do I let an installer set up my account?

During the installation process, your installer will enter your email address into our site. You will then receive an invitation via email to sign up for a SALTO KS account. When you follow the link in the email, you will be asked to fill in a form with some personal details, and set the password. With your email address and password you can then log in to Once the installation has been completed and released by your installer, you will be able to access and manage your site.

How do I sign up for my account myself?

To sign up for an account yourself, you can visit and click on the link Register. The next screen will take you to the registration page for making a SALTO KS account. Please fill in the necessary info, and click Register. Then, an email will be sent to your email address.

How do I log in to my SALTO KS account?

To log in to your SALTO KS account, visit You can log in by entering the email address you have used for registration and the password you set up at the time of registration.

I forgot my password, what should I do? If you have forgotten your password, please follow the link Forgot Password and follow the steps to recover your password.

I forgot my email address, what should I do? When you do not remember the email address you used to register with SALTO KS, please check with the site admin who manages your KS site.

I don't have an account yet, what should I do? In case you don't have a SALTO KS account yet, please contact the site admin who manages your KS site, and request them to create an account for you.

Why does the app reject my email address when I try to log in?

Please check if your email and password are correct. If the problem persists, please reach out to our Support Team.

After registering, I did not receive a confirmation email, What can I do about it?

If you did not receive a confirmation email after registering, we advise you to reset your password, which will result in a new confirmation email.

If you have gone through the flow of resetting your password and this has still not resulted in an email, you should contact SALTO Systems Support for further assistance.

The registration link sent to the invited user is valid for 72 hours, and after that, the link will be expired.

When the link is expired, the following actions can be taken to help the user completes their profile:

  1. Reach out to the site admin, find the user profile in, and click resend invite.
  2. Go to the login screen, click the forgot password button, enter the email address, and follow the instructions provided.

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