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What is the maximum number of users that you can have?

On a site level, it depends on the voucher used for your site.

On an IQ level, each IQ2 supports 10k (v) tags, 10k remote users.

What is the maximum number of app users that you can have?

This depends on your SALTO KS voucher.

I forgot / lost my password, How can I reset my password?

  1. When you do not remember the password to access your SALTO KS account, please follow the link Forgot Password on

  2. In the next step, you will be asked to enter the email address you used to sign up for SALTO KS.

  3. Once you have clicked on Submit, an email will be sent to your email address with a link to complete the password reset. Click on the link in the email to reset your password; you will be asked to enter a new password.

Please note the password strength requirement: Minimum of 8 characters At least one non-alphanumeric character. At least one lowercase (a - z). At least one uppercase (A - Z).

  1. Once you have entered a password and confirmed the password, click on Change Password.

  2. You can now log in with your email address and the password you have just created.

I forgot / lost my PIN for the activated IQ, How can I reset my PIN?

If you have lost your PIN, a site admin on your site needs to:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your site
  3. Go to Site > Rights
  4. Find your profile and click Reset PIN with the particular IQ

Please note: If you are the owner, please reset the IQ. However, be aware, that this action will cause all the users to reactivate again.

What is the maximum number of doors that you fit on the site?

There's no limit per site.

How do I change the owner of the site?

Log in as the site owner to the site to which you want to pass the ownership onto.

Go to Site > Transfer Ownership and select the user who should receive the ownership.

Only the Site Admin would able to get the ownership, so check the user role if your ideal user is not in the list.

Why is the "transfer ownership" option not available in my profile?

This feature is only available to the site owner.

Why can't I find the "transfer ownership" option in my app?

This feature is only available to the site owner on the Web App in the Site section.

When will I receive messages from SALTO KS?

Only the site owner will receive messages when a user tries to open a door or a lock generates another type of notification, as long as the message has been configured correctly on the notifications page in the web-app.

Where can I configure the rights for Offline Access?

To make sure that a tag or a digital key has prioritized offline access to the locks in the site, the site admin should do the following

  1. Go to People > Find the user > Open the profile
  2. Navigate to > Keys > Find the key > Toggle Offline Access.

In my SALTO KS Web App, I can see a tag that does not belong to a user profile, How can I fix this?

If you find a tag that has not been assigned to a user, you can still use this tag for access on your site. To enable this, you can invite a user that this tag should be assigned to by going to the People page, selecting Invite, and then entering the tag number. From here onwards, you can follow the steps to make sure this tag is assigned to the right user and ready for use.

Does the KS System have firewall port setting requirement?

The IQ only establishes outgoing connections. In order for the IQ to work correctly, it needs to be able to establish outgoing connections on all ports. If this is not in line with your default IT policy, please contact SALTO Systems Support with your concerns and to receive further guidance.

When connecting the IQ 2.0 through Ethernet or Wi-Fi local network settings can interfere with the IQ operation. Updates and normal operation requires different settings. Ideally, the IQ should be on a network where all outbound traffic for the IQ is accepted. This is the only way to ensure an update will work as it should and will ensure no issues with normal operation.

For updating, any port could be used so the network must allow all outgoing traffic.

For normal operation, the IQ uses IP addresses and port 40000 and 40001, these should be whitelisted. Note that the IQ makes a connection to these ports on the SALTO KS backend system, but the connection is done from a random port. Thus, the IQ must be allowed to connect to external port 40000 or 40001 for this to work.

If it's not accepted the IQ must have access, due to security reasons, an M2M connection is an option. If the IQ cannot connect, check the following:

Network requirements - DHCP server that provides the IQ with an IP address For Wi-Fi - Preferably WPA or WPA2 encryption, otherwise an open network. 2.4ghz only. For Ethernet - No network authentication (no 802.1X)

The IQ connects to a server on TCP ports 40000 and 40001. The IQ updates by downloading a file from our FTPS server. It is not possible to give out fixed IP addresses of the SALTO KS backend to which the IQs connect. The SALTO KS backend is dynamically hosted and scales up/down based on a number of requests and connected IQs. You can compare this to for example going to or any other popular website. When connecting, you're not sure to which server you're forwarded. However, what some of our customers do, is implement whitelisting on IQ Mac addresses. This means they only allow IQ Mac addresses that are whitelisted to connect to the outside world. If MAB is used in the network (MAC Authentication Bypass), it would be necessary to whitelist MAC addresses of the IQs (which do not support 802.1X) in the network authentication backend, allowing the IQs to connect without further authentication.

We would advise the customer to look into this option. There is no way to whitelist IPs of our backend services.

What rights does a super user have? What is the maximum number of people that can I make super users?

Super users can grant rights to other super users and basic users.

Rights can be granted on the People screen.

There is no limitation on the number of users that can have the super user role.

Does blocking a user work instantly?

In most cases, this action is applied effectively within 5 seconds.

Does a user receive a notification once I block them?

A user will not be notified through an email or update, but they are denied access when they are blocked and attempt to open the lock.

How do I view my Entries Log?

To view a log of all entries to your site, tap on the icon Entries.

Please note that basic users will only see their own entry logs, while super users and administrators will see all users' entries.

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