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JustIN Mobile user guide


SALTO's JustIN Mobile technology allows you to use your phone as your key. The intuitive SALTO JustIN Mobile app securely enables you to receive your key online, anytime and anywhere. When you arrive, for example, at a hotel, you can choose to go straight to your room and receive the room key on your phone, or you can ask for assistance at reception. It's your choice.

Getting started

Download the SALTO JustIN Mobile app

The JustIN Mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Below you can find links to download the app from the respective app stores.


Download on the Apple App store


Download from Google Play

Signing in

Once you've downloaded and installed JustIN Mobile, sign in to the application using your telephone number.

Justin Mobile sign inJustIN Mobile sign in

No key assigned

If no key has been assigned to your telephone number, the following message will display:

"This number has no key assigned to it. Contact your key issuer to receive a key. Your key issuer could be the hotel or apartment you're staying at, or the company whose office or building you're visiting."

Justin Mobile no key assignedThe above message displays if you do not have a key assigned to your phone number

If you see this message, please check with the person or entity who issued your key. As previously stated, this could be the hotel or apartment you're staying in, or it may be the company you work at, or an office building, hospital or university you're visiting. You should also check that the phone number you enter is correct and that it corresponds to the phone number held by the key issuer in your name.

Key assigned

If your phone number does have a key assigned to it, the verification screen will be displayed. The verification code is sent to your phone via a text message. Enter it in the verification screen. Once verified, JustIN Mobile will be launched.

Justin Mobile verification screenVerification screen

About JustIN Mobile keys

This section describes the following JustIN Mobile features:

Phone number change

See What happens if I change my phone number? for information about what to do in case you change your telephone number.

Key cancelation

If your key issuer cancels your key, you will no longer see it in JustIN Mobile, but you will still be registered in the app. However, the key list screen will be empty and will show a message informing you that no key is assigned to you.

Getting keys

Once the phone number verification process has finished, you will receive the key that's been assigned to you.

  • Getting keys automatically

If push notifications are enabled for the app, keys will be sent automatically whenever a notification is issued by the cloud. You don't need to perform any further action. All the keys available will be displayed in the key selection screen. To use any of the keys available, refer to Use of keys.

Key notificationKey notification example

  • Getting keys manually

Instead of just waiting for keys to arrive, users can also explicitly request to check if there are any new keys available. To do so, swipe the list of keys from top to bottom. This method will be the only way to receive new keys if push notifications aren't enabled.

Swipe down to check if there are new keys availableSwipe down to check if there are new keys available

Using keys

Once you select a key from the available key list, a key detail screen will display. You can do the following on this screen:

Key options

Each key has some extra actions associated with it. You can see where the installation you have access to is located on a map, contact the installation's help desk or take a glimpse at the personalized welcome message.

Key optionsKey options


To unlock, tap the green button and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

UnlockingUse the green button to unlock doors

When you tap the green button, the following animation displays in the app, explaining how to position your phone to unlock.

Unlocking animationThis in-app animation explains how to position your phone to unlock

You can also unlock doors using JustIN without having to open the app and press the green button. To do so you, need to have NFC activated on your phone and the phone must also be unlocked. Note: this only works with Android phones and locks that are NFC compatible.

Opening modes

As well as standard unlocking, you can also use the JustIN Mobile app to activate lock opening modes. Specifically, you can activate office opening mode. Office mode allows a lock to be left open upon unlocking it for the first time.

Authorized users can do this only on locks that are programmed to accept office mode.

To activate office mode using JustIN, do the following:

  1. Press and hold down the green button until the button fades away and the animation displays.
  2. Hold the app to the lock.
  3. The Door in office mode message displays.
  4. The lock unlocks, and remains unlocked.

Office mode activatedThe 'Door in office mode' message displays once office mode is activated

To take the lock out of office mode, repeat the process. You can also use physical keys like keycards or fobs to activate office mode. For online locks, you can activate office mode from the online monitoring section of the SALTO Space software.

For more advanced information about opening modes, see the section in the user guide for Space operators.

User settings

iOS settings

Tweak the behavior of the app to suit your needs by changing the app configuration settings. To access the Settings screen, tap the configuration icon in the upper right corner of the screen and tap Settings. The screen below will be displayed:

SettingsiOS settings

Set the options as needed.

Android settings

In the JustIN Android app settings you can activate the Screen unlocking option. If you do so, this means your phone screen needs to be unlocked before you can use NFC to unlock doors.

To access the Settings screen, tap the three dots option in the upper right corner of the screen and tap Settings. The below screen will be displayed:

JustIN Mobile Android settingsAndroid settings

If your Android phone does not have NFC capabilities, this option will not display.

Note that to be able to receive key notifications, you must allow JustIN Mobile to send you notifications.

Allow JustIN Mobile notificationsTo be able to receive keys, you must allow JustIN Mobile to send you notifications


Use the JustIN Mobile iOS widget to access your digital keys and unlock doors from the home screen of your iPhone without launching the app. To add the widget, follow the steps below:

  1. From your iPhone home screen, slide your finger to the right.
  2. Scroll down and press Edit.
  3. Scroll down again and press Customize.
  4. Select JustIN Mobile to add the widget and press Done.

If you have Apple Pay configured, this may pop up when you use the JustIN widget. Don't worry, this won't affect JustIN and no payments will be made. This happens only with the widget and not when using the regular iOS app to unlock.

See the FAQs section for more on unlocking and Apple Pay.

The widget is only available on iOS devices. If you have an Android device, we recommend activating NFC on your device for an improved unlocking experience. See the section on using keys for more details.

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