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Frequently asked questions about JustIN Mobile

What happens if I change my phone number?

If you change your phone number, make sure you inform your key issuer of the change.

The app will not recognize the change automatically and you will be able to continue using the key that is assigned to your old number.

When your key issuer assigns a key to your new number, to be able to use it, you will have to:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Download it again
  • Sign in with your new telephone number

What if my phone has no reception or is powered off? Will I get the updates?

The short answer of this question is yes, but some points must be clarified.

Every key sent will have the same lifetime as the update expiration date. For example, if a user's key expires in 8 hours, the corresponding update notification will be delivered within those 8 hours. However, if your phone has no internet connection or is switched off during that interval, the message will not be delivered. Even once the phone is switched back on or the internet connection turned on again.

Will I receive several updates once I switch on my phone?

No. It doesn't make any sense to receive several updates since the most important one is always the latest. JustIN Mobile will always receive only the latest update notification from the cloud.

What happens if I lose or change my phone?

If you have an existing JustIN Mobile key and you lose or change your phone, you will be able to recover your key on your new phone.

Follow the steps below to recover your key:

You can only recover an existing key on a new phone if you use the same phone number that was previously registered in the app. If you change your phone number you should contact your key issuer as above.

Why do I see a "Payment card will not work" message while using the iOS app?

In order to provide a smooth unlocking process, the JustIN Mobile iOS app disables Apple Pay when the app is being used. This means that Apple Pay will not pop up when you unlock a door using the app. For this reason, you may see the following message in the app:

  • "Payment cards and passes in Wallet will not work automatically while "JustIN Mobile" is in use."

Note that Apple Pay is only disabled while using the regular app. If you're using the iOS widget, Apple Pay may still pop up when you're unlocking a door.

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