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Orion server installation


You will need

  • The following information on-hand:
  • Access to the shell on your prepared Ubuntu server, with sudo privileges. This can be via SSH access or natively. If you are controlling the server via SSH, the install script automatically keeps the SSH port open for server management.
  • Access to Powershell (not cmd) on your Space server, running as administrator.


The admin operator will have received a welcome email when the partner provided them access to their site within the Orion Console. The email will contain a link to the correct console for their region.

Available Regions are: EU, UAE

  1. Log in to the Orion Console for your region.
  2. Select your site from the drop-down in the left-hand pane.

Orion install site drop-down

  1. Click the + Add Server tile to be taken to the installation wizard. Through this wizard, you can provide some information for the Console to generate an all-in-one installation script for your prepared Ubuntu server.

Orion install add server tile

  1. Double-check the site configuration.

Orion install site config

  1. In the respective fields of the ACS Screen, select Space from the System drop-down, enter your Space Server IP, Space Server Port, SHIP API Key and Space Server Name and tick Generate HTTPS Certificate.

Orion install Space details

In the future, other ACSs will be supported. For now, only Space is available.

  1. In the Orion Server Information screen, enter a Server Name that makes sense to you and your Ubuntu Server IP. Check both boxes and Continue.

Orion install orion server details

  1. Copy the command provided into the console of your server, and follow the instructions which appear in the console. After some system checks from the script, type "yes" to confirm and then "yes" or "no" to leaving an SSH port open for management. Upon completion the server reboots; when it restarts, it is then operational.
    • Installation can take 10 minutes or longer depending on your internet connection speed.
    • This screen automatically moves on when The Orion Console first recieves contact from your Ubuntu Server.

Orion install orion install command

In the event of a problem that means you have to exit the wizard after creating your server, you can find the install commands in the Configure tab of the server page. When generating a build command, there are 3 options: Full Build, Resync, and Build and Restore from Backup. For the first installation of a server, use Full Build. Further details can be found in the monitoring guide.

Server configure screen

  1. Copy the Space server command onto Powershell on your Space server. This will install the Salto root CA public certificate and create an entry in the server hosts file for orion-server. This will be required so that the SPACE server is able to verify the TLS certificate provided by the Orion Server. It will take less than a minute.

Some AnitVirus software my trigger the script to report an error, however, it will have created the entry in the hosts file and inserted the Salto Root Certificate.

Orion install Space install command

  1. Within the Space General Options, navigate to the Face recognition tab and input the API Key provided in the screen below.

You cannot successfully Test Connection until the server has finished installing.

Orion install Space API key insertion

  1. The final screen is informational and updates in real time. In order from left to right there are 3 red/green icons indicating connectivity:
    • Orion Server
    • Orion's connection to the ACS
    • Orion's connection to the OES When all 3 have turned green, server installation is complete.

Orion install Space server status

  1. Click Close to exit the wizard. You are then returned to the site screen, where you can now see the server status area and a View -> button to manage the server from now on.

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