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IQs and repeaters

How do I connect the IQ to the Wi-Fi network?

It is possible to make the IQ connect to your Wi-Fi network, but there are a couple of limitations:

  • IQ supports Wi-Fi networks only at 2.4GHz (so no 5GHz)
  • WEP (not recommended) or WPA2 are supported.

Step 1: In order to configure the Wi-Fi settings, please open the SALTO KS app on your mobile phone and make sure Bluetooth is enabled on it.

Step 2: Go to Settings (located at the bottom right corner), scroll down a little and select Enable IQ connection.

Step 3: Press the reset button located behind the front cover of the IQ for 2 seconds, until the green light starts flashing every second. You now have 2 minutes to complete the next step.

Step 4: In the app on your phone, press start and scan the barcode on the IQ (also located behind the front cover) with your camera. This will establish the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the IQ.

Step 5: Follow the steps in the app to complete setting up the Wi-Fi network connection. When you are done, the IQ will be connected to the network and resume normal operation.

Please note: The Wi-Fi settings will be retained even after resetting or power cycling your IQ, so this process only needs to be completed once for each IQ.

What are the network requirements for an IQ?

The requirements for an IQ to be able to connect to a network depend on the hardware type that was ordered. Typically, an IQ can be connected to our backend systems via Wi-Fi or ethernet (PoE optional) using your local infrastructure or using a mobile network. Ideally, the IQ should be on a network where all outbound traffic for the IQ is accepted. This is the only way to ensure an update will work as it should and will ensure no issues with normal operation. Please consult your installer to make sure you order the correct IQ hardware version for your installation.

* as of February 2022 we are shipping Wi-Fi IQs with USB Wi-Fi dongles, please check for the IQ model number with SALTO Systems. These support both 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. * There are prerequisites to the steps and that is the object used to press the button. Ball pens tend to work as well.

What does the color of my IQ LED mean?

The IQ2 uses LED colours and patterns to indicate its status. These are the following:

Green blink every 5 minutesAll is OK (Please note that this can be user reconfigured)
Red solidNo network connection detected
Red flashingNetwork connection detected, trying to connect
Purple solidSubscription expired or IQ is in a reset state
Purple flashingRFnet Node error, you will not have connectivity with your RFnet locks, please contact support
Blue solidIQ is rebooting
Blue flashingIQ or locks are receiving a firmware update
White solidInitialization mode, you should not typically see this, please power cycle your IQ if you do and this should clear to a solid purple / release manual reset button
Red->Green->Blue flashingIQ is resetting

Manual reset requires 10 seconds continuous activation of the reset button behind the front cover of the IQ. After you see the Red-Green-Blue LED sequence, the reset procedure is started. Your IQ needs to be restored from the KS application by an administrator or though your integration partners' portal. Your locks will only be operational with Offline Access (Emergency backup mode).

If your IQ is a solid blue color for more than 10 minutes, with or without short LED glitches, it might be defective. Please try a factory reset procedure, and if this does not resolve your issue, contact SALTO Systems Support.

How can I disable the green flashing LED on my IQ?

When an IQ is functioning without any issues, it produces a green LED that flashes briefly once every five minutes. If this bothers you, the green, flashing LED indication can be disabled: Log in to and click on Site > Hardware > IQs. Then:

  • Click on the Actions button to edit the IQ
  • Uncheck the box Green heartbeat
  • Click on the Save changes to save the changes

All set! The green heartbeat will no longer flash once every 5 minutes.

How do I add an IQ to my SALTO KS site?

In order to add a new IQ to your existing site, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account as site owner or site admin
  • Click on Site then Hardware
  • Click on + IQ to add a new IQ to your site
  • Enter a name for your IQ, select the time zone and enter the activation code from the IQ The activation code is printed on the barcode sticker behind the front cover of your IQ
  • Click Add

Done! Your IQ has been successfully added to your site!

If your IQ cannot be added, please check if it is connected to your local network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable or to a mobile network. If you want to use Wi-Fi, some configuration needs to be done before the IQ can be added to your site. See the appropriate article for that.

What happens when my IQ is offline?

Don't panic! Your IQ is designed to be resilient to network issues. Your IQ and locks will continue working just like they were right before your IQ was disconnected from our cloud. In the meantime, however, you will not be able to do remote openings, see real-time events, and of course, access rule updates will not reach our device.

Typically, devices will come back online within a couple if minutes. If this is not happening, please check out the status page where we indicate if there are ongoing incidents with our platform. If nothing is mentioned there, please double-check your connectivity and contact your network administrator.

If you have confirmed everything on your side, and your IQ is not back online within 2 hours, please contact support.

If your IQ is using only an M2M/mobile connection and your IQ is offline for more than 30 minutes, then please contact SALTO Systems Support.

How do I replace an IQ?

If you need to replace your IQ (for example because of a hardware failure) you can do so by using the Replace button in the site settings. Using this button, you will replace the IQ without the need to detach/re-attach any attached hardware. The new IQ will replace the old IQ, including any attached hardware.

To replace an existing IQ:

  1. Log in to as the site owner or the site admin.

  2. Click on Site > Hardware. Here you will see your IQ, or if you have multiple IQs, you will see a list of your current IQs. Select the one you want to replace and press Replace.

  3. Make sure your new IQ is online. If you use Wi-Fi, make sure you first connect it to your Wi-Fi network before continuing with the next step.

  4. Enter the IQ's activation code and click on the blue Replace button to continue.

  5. When the IQ is replaced, present the maintenance card on all the locks to make them connected with the new IQ.

Once all the locks are online, your IQ has been replaced successfully!

If the IQ has been replaced, can the old IQ still be used?

If the IQ is still functioning and not broken, it is possible. Reset the IQ by long pressing the *reset button behind the front cover and make sure the IQ comes back online.

After that, contact SALTO Systems Support so they can decouple the IQ, making it available to be re-installed.

How do I reset and restore my IQ?

Please note that all users that are using remote openings for locks attached to this IQ, need to re-activate the IQ in their mobile app after the IQ has been reset.

In order to reset and restore your IQ make sure you have the following:

  • Admin or owner access to the site in the web app
  • A maintenance card

If you have this follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the IQ is powered and online.
  2. Press the reset button of the IQ for 8-10 seconds, as a result, the LED light will indicate a Red-Green-Blue sequence.
  3. Go to, log in with a site admin account, go to Site > Hardware > Find the IQ being reset, and click restore
  4. If the locks are not working properly, you can present the maintenance card to the locks.

You have successfully reset and restored your IQ!

Can I use my IQ outdoors?

By design, an IQ is meant to be used indoors and therefore is not suitable to be used outdoors. Some customers who had a requirement for outdoor usage have placed IQs in their own outdoor enclosures. Please note, however, that a plastic enclosure is mandatory as the IQ communicates wirelessly to the locks and maybe even your network.

The IQ operating temperatures are 0°C (32°F) and 40°C (104°F), and these will need to be maintained in your outdoor enclosure to ensure your IQ works reliably.

What does the percentage next to the IQ mean?

This indicates the signal strength for IQs that are attached via a mobile network. A Wi-Fi or ethernet IQ will always show a signal strength of 100%.

The lock is not connecting to the IQ, What should I do?

A lock can only be attached to an IQ if it is within range (depending on the local situation this is a maximum of 7 to 10 meters) and if it is not attached to another IQ.

To check if the lock is ready to be attached, present the construction card to it. The lock should open. If this does not work, SALTO Systems Support might be able to tell you what IQ the lock is attached to

How do I add repeaters to my SALTO KS site?

To add a new Repeater to your site, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account as site owner or site admin
  2. Click on Site, then Hardware
  3. Click on the Action button behind the IQ you want to add the repeater to and then + repeater
  4. Enter a name for your Repeater and the Device ID, which is indicated on the repeater itself
  5. Enter the code generated in your mobile app for the IQ when prompted

Your repeater has now been added to the IQ.

I moved the lock from IQ A to IQ B, but now I cannot get it online, How can I fix this?

When you remove the lock from the IQ, you should verify if the lock is in construction mode. Get a construction card (BLE lock), or a random tag (RF lock), and present it to the lock in question. Then, review the following:

  1. If the lock opened, then the lock has been removed properly (Because a lock in free status will always open with any tag).
  2. If the lock rejected, then the lock is not properly disconnected.
  3. If the lock has stayed with the original IQ for some time, and failed to be disconnected properly, you would need to connect the lock back to the original IQ and disconnect it again.

The reset button is meant to be pressed for 2 seconds when configuring an IQ.Pressing the reset button for too long will result in a reset of the IQ.

Should this happen while it is the first time you have tried to configure network settings on the IQ and it was not added to a site yet, no action is required. The IQ will start up again and you may repeat the process.

If the IQ was already part of a site and up and running, it will need to be restored. This can be done by a site admin in the site, and going to the Site > Hardware section of the KS web app.

How can I find out the amount of locks are connected per IQ?

If you navigate to the hardware page in your SALTO KS app, you can find an overview of all locks and IQs.

What amount of locks can I connect to one IQ?

One IQ can connect to up to 16 locks. The locks can be directly linked to the IQ or through repeaters.

A total of 6 repeaters can be connected to an IQ, either directly or in a linked configuration (IQ > Repeater > Repeater) in maximum of 3 layers.

Regardless of the number of repeaters, the maximum amount of 16 locks per IQ remains the same.

For more information on the IQ and repeater, please visit our hardware page here.

How do I change my existing PIN?

To change the PIN for any one of your IQs, please go through the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to your app and go to Settings.

Step 2: Change your PIN

Step 3: Follow the instructions

The PIN was successfully changed!

Please note: If you have multiple IQs and wish to change your PIN for all IQs, repeat this process for all IQs you wish to change your PIN for.

How do I generate a PIN code?

If you need to generate a PIN code, please follow the instructions below to do so:

First, make sure you have activated your IQs. A code is generated when you enter your individual and self-chosen PIN in the app. The app encrypts the PIN into a code and only the IQ holds the right key to recalculate that to your PIN. A code is only valid for a restricted short period of time, which puts another layer of security on top of code technology.

Step 1: Log in to your App and press the menu icon in the bottom right corner. Then, press the Generate code tab.

Step 2: In the menu, press the Get code icon next to the name of the IQ for which you need the code.

Step 3: Depending on whether or not you saved your PIN, the app will validate your PIN in the background and generate a code.

Step 4: The result is shown as a 5 character PIN code.

How do I reset the PIN as a super user?

A super user is a user who in addition to being assigned a tag or use of the App, they will have access to an account at They can grant rights to other super users and basic users. Rights can be granted in the People screen and there is no limitation on the number of users that can have the super user role.

This will require an email address to be entered (needed for the login) and a telephone number (needed to receive the SMS for configuring the PIN or alerts).

A super user can view but not modify the details for the owner, or can create other super users and new app users or users with a tag.

If a super user doesn't have access to (one of) their activated devices, then the owner will have to reset their PIN. Once this has been done, you can activate your new device.

The owner can reset the PIN by going to: Account > Security > Reset user PIN > Select user > Reset PIN

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