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System requirements

Server configuration

Cameras per server150
(to allow a response to simultaneous requests from all cameras within a 10 second window)
Network interfacesThere must be only a single network interface beginning with "en".
This is the default on our required OS below.
This must also be a wired connection.
CPUsMin. 3.6 GHz 16vCPU
(will provide average response time of less than 2 secs per request)
Memory32 GB
StorageMirrored SSD - 480 GB
We strongly recommend that physical storage is encrypted.
ArchitectureIntel/AMD x64
Operating systemUbuntu Server 24.04 LTS. This must be a minimal install.
The install process will harden the server installing and configuring a firewall and OS updates.
FirewallThe Orion Server requires the following inbound traffic to be allowed from the UCMe CU devices on the following ports:
UDP/123 - NTP
TCP/443 - HTTPS.

Network configuration

An Access Control Virtual LAN should be created to separate the Orion Devices from corporate and guest networks. This can be the same network used by other Salto network devices. The network subnet size is dictated by the number of Orion Devices on the network.

The network should be configured for no inbound or outbound traffic with the single exception of the Orion Server. Orion server will require outbound traffic on the following ports:

  • 123 - to allow the Orion Server to synchronize time.
  • 443 - to enable access to Orion Enrolment Service, download software updates for the server and Orion Devices from Orion Connect and provide diagnostic and performance information.
  • 8883 - to enable MQTT connectivity with Orion Connect for system commissioning, monitoring and updates.

A DHCP server is required to allocate IP addresses to the Orion Devices, with a reserved IP address allocated to the Orion Server.

The Orion Server will require a DNS server. The Orion Devices, however, do not use DNS. Instead, they are provided with the IP address of the Orion Server during the commissioning phase. For this reason, the Orion Server IP must not change.

The Orion Server will require an NTP server to maintain its system clock.

VLANAn isolated (V)LAN is required for all cameras and locks.
Physical characteristicsCat 5e or Cat 6 network with Gigabit switches.
IP subnetMust be large enough to allocate addresses to all locks, camera units and servers/controllers
Must not be in the range:
Outbound portsRestrict to:
123 - NTP
8883 - MQTT/mTLS
Should also only permit Orion Servers to access outbound ports.
Orion Devices do not require access outside of the VLAN.
DHCPDHCP is required to provide IP addresses to UCMe devices.
The Orion Server must have a reserved IP address that can not change once UCMe devices have been commissioned.
DNSOrion Server will require access to DNS.

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